- Dragon Momoko Blade Liger (Red Version)

    The red Blade Liger from Dragon Momoko is a pretty nice kit. Unlike earlier versions of the Blade Liger it holds together really well, which is a stretch considering it doesn't even have chrome feet for the extra grip.

    The kit itself is a slightly lightened red and yellow, very bright in color. The box shows a red Blade Liger on the cover, though I don't believe the instructions are different from the normal blue Bladey. Overall this is a great quality bootleg, albeit exceptionally rare in English markets.

- Gimmicks

Shield Generator:
    D-Style Bladeys only have shield generators on the top of the mane, no longer on the bottom. They tuck down pretty far, and can flip forward, but not straight up.

    The cockpit opens and closes, staying tight pretty securely.

    The teeth and claws are a blinding bright yellow, a couple shades lighter than they appear in photos. The jaws open and close but the range of motion is small.

    The neck rotates up and down while the head is attached to a ball joint, which allows up, down, side to side, and tilting motion. The sideways motion is actually really nice.

    The blades must detach to be changed positions at the sides. The second photo shows two pegs, one for sticking into the sides and one for attaching them in a folded back position. The range of forwards-backwards motion is disappointing.

    The boosters are hidden under a panel, which flips towards the head. The boosters also flip upwards, with no maneuverable mount.

    The tail is on a ball joint that allows it to tilt from side to side as well as move up and down.