- Rayse Tiger Kit: Three Tigers Legend

    The DVD of the Three Tigers Legend was issued with the Rayse Tiger kit. It is the first of a 2-disc series (the other released with the Brastle Tiger) and features a high quality short film of the Zoids in combat. Whitz Tiger never received a full kit release of the original white version so it is largely combined with the Rayse Tiger media, since there is no third disc.

- Rayse Tiger Appears!

    Starting from the beginning! Para Blade and Death Raser lead a unit of Iron Kongs against the Whitz Wolf. When the battle proves to be difficult a Savinga is summoned and Whitz Tiger appears! Only, it spurs the fusion of the two enemy BLOX units. Is it enough to defeat their opponent?

Screen Shots:

- Zoids Battle Spec

    Well, we actually uploaded the Brastle specs before we got to the Rayse Tiger DVD. The Rayse Tiger includes all of the battle specs and the exact same narration and clip usage up to Jet Rayse Tiger. It cuts off before including this Zoid and instead has this short clip (shown above.) For screencaps and the full data file please refer to the Brastle Tiger page.