- ZOIDS Delusional War Record: The Twin Witches

 It is said when the fog becomes thick, twin witches will come out of the cover. This story chronicles the attempt of two twin sisters, Idabel and Florabel as they endeavor to find the last members of their fallen family. Amidst the fog the Republican Army has closed in on their once treasured homeland and they must make the choice to possibly die trying to drive out their intruders, or abandon their home and travel on towards a new journey.

Original Videos: Courtesy of Green Gairyuki | Translation Work: Falcarius | Editing Work: The Iron Bible

- The Twin Witches - Translation Video

- Geno Breaker Jet Introduction

 In the flash comics you could swap between the JET: Type A and the JET: Type B, which would change the associated equipment. Then you could drag the separated pieces onto the Geno Breaker and they would snap into place. Clicking the "Armor ON" button on the lower right would instantly equip all of the armor.

- Info File

The Jet-Black Demon-Clothed Dragon, Geno Breaker (Jet)

 The Geno Breaker was developed as an upgrade to the Geno Saurer, but even now, opinions are divided among specialists as to its value as a weapon. The greatest technology of the time was infused into the Geno Breaker, so it should have been an epoch-making model in Zoid development history. In practice, about 10 units were released and produced gains in battle, but considering the rapidly developing state of the war at the time, some have suggested "maybe they jumped the gun?" Sure enough, a variety of problems were reported, such as OS runaways and burdens on pilots, and taking into account the difficulty for manufacturers to secure stable production lines, the military had to think about their treatment of this unit as first-class fighting strength. (For more on this, refer to "Delusional War Record -Demon-Clothed Dragon Tempura-".) Nevertheless, it is also true that some researchers and fans are captivated by it, as its excellent fighting and manoeuvering abilities, and most of all its pure ferocity, accentuate its dangerous beauty as an unbalanced mecha organism.

 The Geno Breaker (Jet) appearing in this chapter is an upgrade that was planned for use in ambush combat and thus pursued stealth, agility and manoeuvrability, and is dyed jet black by special paint (ferrite resin) with high stealth performance. The usual impression of Geno Breaker is that it has a crimson body, but as a Zoid that follows in the lineage of the Death Saurer, perhaps one could say that this colouring is more traditional in a certain sense. The Jet has very rarely been witnessed on the battlefield, but it is said that two units with unknown serial numbers (a prominent theory is that fuselages that weren't numbered for some reason were reconstructed with spare parts) were supplied to local resistance fighters. [...]

The last portion of this text is missing from the image, so this file is incomplete.

- Featured Characters

 Florabel is the younger sister of the twins. Comparitively she is much meeker than her sister, also piloting the more innocent looking Geno Breaker Jet B. Florabel is less attached to their homeland than her sister, and often wonders what life would be like if they could've lived in a more hospitable place.

 Of the duo Idabel is the most assertive. She's bold and dedicated, and will fight to the end to protect her homeland, but this wasn't always the case. When she was younger, Idabel fell in love with a traveler and had considered leaving the territory, but with Florabel being sick, she chose to stay behind. Since then, she has decided to dedicate her life to her sister and their land.

Zoffy & Kurtz
 Zoffy is one of the three remaining sets of twins in their family. His twin was Kurtz, who is never shown on screen but was killed by one of the military units. While Zoffy escaped the fight and made it to safety, it's implied that he later succumbed to his wounds, and thus could no longer carry his brother's soul.

 Solid is a soldier who serves in the Imperial army and pilots a Hammer Rock. He had originally been part of an Imperial Rescue Force sent to assist Idabel and Florabel, but only Florabel showed up. Their meeting was cut short when without warning, Florabel's Jet B turned around abruptly and left. It is vaguely implied that what Solid encountered was the ghost of Florabel and her Jet B, and that she had died to the cannons of the Gojulas Giga.

Claudia & Helga
 Claudia & Helga are an unpictured set of twins, and were one of the last three to still live in the territory. They were supposedly killed by hostile Zoids from the Republic, though it is unconfirmed if this was specifically the Gojulas Giga unit.

- Featured Zoids

Geno Breaker Jet Type A
 The Geno Breaker Jet is one of two units including the Jet B. They were developed by the Empire but were slated to be destroyed when they could not find a use for both of them. The "Twin Core" installed in these Jet types resonate with one another, meaning that they must operate together. This limited their abilities. The Type A was supposedly destroyed by the Gojulas Giga, when Idabel decided to provide a distraction so that Florabel could finally leave.

Geno Breaker Jet Type B
 The Geno Breaker Jet B is the second part of a Twin Core set up. Unlike the Type A the B lacks clamps which have been replaced with massive axe-like weapons. While Florabel's Jet B was initially thought to have escaped, it is later implied that it may have died to the Giga's cannons before reaching the summit. It is vaguely implied that the two Jets became a residual haunting on the side of the mountain, though this is from the gossip of soldiers.

Hammer Rock
 The Hammer Rock equipped with additional missile units is piloted by Solid. It is only seen for one page and doesn't have any combat interaction.

Gojulas Giga
 Gojulas Giga is a prominant Zoid in the web comics, and always a terrifying monster to behold. It is no different in this one. The Zoid was traveling with a sortie of two Snipe Masters. As soon as the Geno Breaker Jets tried to pass by, the Giga instinctively sensed them and quickly attacked. Although the Republic reported the destruction of two Geno Breakers, the remains of neither could be found.

Snipe Master AS
 These units accompanied the Gojulas Giga on its march through the mountains. Two others had already been slaughtered by the two Geno Breakers and they didn't seem to provide any combat support when the Giga attacked.