- Introduction

    Zoids Tactics is a strategy based game for the Playstation 2. It loosely follows a combination of the anime and the Battle Story, where the two universes and many of their characters collide in the battle between the Helic Republic and the Empires.

    The mission, turn-based battle system focuses on the objective of defeating your enemy's captains and Zoids, advancing the story and working towards your ultimate goal of finding a resolution to the war. You'll control multiple pilots in every battle. Some will come, some will go, and each will have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Overall, I'd highly recommend this game. Even though it's in Japanese, it is very playable with some tinkering to figure out the menus. We'll be trying to help you along the way with walkthroughs and guides, but these will progress slowly as we hire translators to cover the projects.

- Game Guides

    These guides are mostly incomplete. I have a horrible habit of putting down games for months at a time, and all translations have to be paid for, so it can take time to update them.

    - Menu Guides
    - Mission Mode Walkthrough

- Box and Inserts

    Image one is the back of the box. For the box art, see the top of this article. The image up there is technically from the book, it's just missing all the company advertisements and tacky borders. Images 2 and 3 are from the instructions.

Image 3 (Character Guide) Translation:

Van Flyheight
    A boy who dreams of being the world's number one Zoid pilot.
    The son of Major Dan Flyheight of the Republican army.
    He travels with Zeke, an Organoid he came across by chance at the historic ruins, and a mysterious girl named Fiona.

Shield Liger
    A lion-type Zoid of the Republic.
    It's a large Zoid used for grappling fights that is equipped with the Laser Saber and Energy Shield.
    It has aged and decayed, but with Zeke's power has been brought back to life, and he's become Van's favorite machine.

    Although he appeared before Van and the others to go after the Organoid Zeke, he eventually came to travel along with them as a friend.

Command Wolf Irvine Specification
    Irvine pilots a black colored Command Wolf. It's Irvine's original remodeling.
    The Long-range Rifle on its back is powerful enough to knock down a large Zoid in one blow.

    A would-be "supplier in the wastelands".
    Driving her Gustav, she's a carrier who transports goods to dangerous battlefields. She becomes friends with Van and the others and travels with them.

Gustav Moonbay Specification
    Moonbay's favorite machine, a red Gustav.
    She put in her own reconstructed circuitry, and it has several times more self-repair methods than usual.

Fiona Elisi Linette

    A survivor of the ancient Zoidian people.
    She was sleeping with Zeke in the ancient ruins.


    A soldier of the Empire's army under the direct control of Prozen.
    He has prodigious skill as a Zoid pilot but his parents were killed by an Organoid and he has an intense hatred of Zoids.


    A captain of the Republic army.
    The son of President Louise of the Republic.
    He is one of the superior Zoid pilots that the Republic is proud of.

Karl L Schubaltz

    A major in the Guylos Empire's army.
    He comes from a distinguished family, has a keen mind and is also an excellent Zoid pilot.
    He opposes the regent, Prozen.


    A captain of the Republic army.
    He retired from the army once but returned to the army because of the war with the Empire.
    Van's father, Dan Flyheight, was his war buddy.

Gunther Prozen

    Regent of the Guylos Empire.
    He plans to take over the Empire and has ambitions to conquer the planet.

Ray Gregg

    A first lieutenant belonging to the Republic army.
    He was a private soldier at the beginning of the war but Arthur Borgman saw his genius and he grew up to become a "Leo Master." A fierce fight unfolded between him and his fated rival, Wolff Muroa.

Wolff Muroa

    A captain who is the commanding officer of the Eisen Dragoon unit. He's Gunther Prozen's son. He's an excellent Zoid pilot with a kind heart, and his subordinates have abundant confidence in him. He has a deep connection with Ray Gregg and clashes with him countless times.