- Zoids Full Metal Crash

    Zoids Full Metal Crash was a fighting game released for the Gamecube platform. The entire game is focused around 'arena' battles, similar to Tekken, Soul Caliber, and other such styles of games. In these constricted fields you battle a single opponent, for up to three rounds to determine the ultimate victor.

    The game has a series of pilots that you can unlock, some unique to this game itself, and others from stories you may remember. The selection of Zoids that you can choose from is very limited, but come in an assortment of three color choices and many unique weapon customization options to mix things up.

    There are also two main modes to this game. Story mode, which takes you along the missions of Berg, a young Imperial pilot, and Zi Fighters, which is a series of continuous battles against random opponents and their Zoids. Both have the ability to unlock many new pilots and Zoids, so you'll need to compete in both, many times, to get everything that there is to get from this game.

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