- Zoids: Bonds of Steel

    Zoids: Bonds of Steel is a collectable card game developed for the iPhone, released in Japan during September 2012. It featured a ton of new artwork, Zoid color variations, and character artwork. Even a few original characters, and dozens of brand new weapon designs!

Game Goals:
    - Collect the Zoid, Pilot, and Weapon cards!
    - Quest to unlock new items!
    - Fight opponents to improve your teams ranking!
    - Customize your Zoids to improve your combat strength!

Game Guides:

Zoid Library    |    Pilot Library    |    Weapon Library    |    Gameplay Guide

- Basic Game Information

    Battle System:

    The Battle System of Bonds of Steel was extremely limited. Cards and pilots could be equipped to improve your combat strength, which was registered by attack and defensive strength. These two stats appeared to be the only modifier in battle, and the soul determiner of who would win. It was such a simple system that in quests you literally had the option to click 'skip' on the playable battle sequence to go straight to the item collection.

    It appears that by forming comradary with another pilot in the game you could use additional Zoids in your team. Your original hangar was limited in size depending on your level in the game.

    Teams could also compete. The more points gained by raiding other teams members would give you points, and the highest ranking teams would receive rewards as well as being featured on the front page of the website. In this way competitive nature was added to the game!


    Questing involved fighting an area based on your level. This would take you to the automated battle system with the skip option, where you could tap the screen to 'attack' or skip straight to the rewards page. In this system you would level up to unlock new areas, but could go back and fight in previous ones to unlock more cards. There were three unlockable cards that you could obtain normally while a fourth would be unlocked by finishing the rest of the area.

    Occasionally boss, ultimate, and rare Zoids could be encountered. Defeating them had a chance of adding them to the library, and if you lost the battle you could choose to go back and start where you left off. This was only limited by the AP "Action Points" which were necessary to perform quests.


    Collecting was done through many ways. You could obtain pilot and weapon rewards from completing quests, as well as Zoid data from fighting Boss, Rare, or Ultimate Zoids. Some in game event allowed you to gain further special cards.

    The main part of game collecting was gachapons, which were sold for GREE coins (the cash shop currency.) A $3 gachapon would give you a random chance to get a card in the set, with the possibilities of obtaining doubles. A $15 gacha would remove each card obtained from the pool so that every time you opened a new $15 gacha you'd receive a new card from the series.

- Promotional Images

Images from Z-Kizuna.com, the official TakaraTomy webpage. Translations courtesy of Jammerlea!

Images from GREE, the official game company site. Translations courtesy of Jammerlea!

Want to Play?

    First of all this guide is largely thanks to Voidofcommonsense and Zinkymomo! Void provided the original guide and Momo helped to trouble shoot for people who were unable to access the game. This guide is to simplify the need to use a proxy.

    This guide is for Google Chrome.

    Step 1: You will need the 'Hola' and 'User-Agent Switcher' add ons for Chrome.
    Step 3: Enable Hola on the Gree website, and select Japan as your visible country.
    Step 4: Set the User-Agent Switcher to iOS > Iphone 4.
    Step 2: Access this page to create an account.
    Step 5: Access the page linked above to log in, then go to the Bonds of Steel site.
    Step 6: A cut scene should start! Once in the game you no longer need to keep the apps active. You can disable them until the next time that you need to log in, they are only necesssary to bypass the "not available in your region" page.

- Want to Contribute?

    We're in the process of archiving all of the Bonds of Steel information. The game is scheduled to close September 1st, 2014 and once it does this information and all artwork will be lost forever! To help things along all you would have to do is view our check lists below, and send us the page link of any Zoid, Pilot, or Weapon you find that's still a question mark on our lists! See the Contact link on the top site menu to send us info.

    The first half of the pilots had URLs that could be modified to view the images, so we have all pilot images but are still looking for their profile pages so that we can save their stats and information!

    - Zoid List
    - Pilot List
    - Weapon List

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