-Zoids Battle Legends

    There's a great number of Zoids released in this game. The pages below will detail information on these Zoids including base stats, in-game comments, weapon stats, color variations, and extra (optional) equipment.

- Zoids Shop List

    Sea Striker
    Space Sea Striker
    Cannon Tortoise
    Cannon Tortoise BC
    Cannon Tortoise OLD
    Buster Tortoise
    Molga Rokurou
    Cannonry Molga
    Atak Cat
    Atak Cat Noir
    Command Wolf
    Command Wolf NEW
    Command Wolf AC
    Command Wolf AU
    Command Wolf EM
    Command Wolf IS
    Rev Raptor
    Rev Raptor PB
    Rev Raptor WPB
    Raven Raptor
    Gun Sniper
    Gun Sniper WW
    Gun Sniper Naomi
    Gun Sniper Leena
    Snipe Master
    Snipe Master Red
    Snipe Master FB
    Snipe Master AS
    Snipe Master MU
    Snipe Master BU
    Zaber Fang
    Zaber Fang OLD
    Zaber Fang AT
    Great Zaber
    Zaber Fang SS
    Zaber Fang TS
    Zaber Fang AT
    Zaber Fang TD
    Shield Liger
    Desert Liger
    Shield Liger LM A
    Shield Liger LM B
    Liger Aero
    Proto Zaber
    Red Horn
    Red Horn OLD
    Red Horn BG
    Green Horn
    Dark Horn
    Dark Horn WB
    Dark Horn Harry
    Dibison OLD
    Dibison Leena
    Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox S
    Lightning Saix
    Lightning Saix BS
    Lightning Saix TS
    Blade Liger
    Blade Liger KS
    Blade Liger AB
    Blade Liger Leon
    Blade Liger MJ
    Elephander AG
    Elephander SS
    Iron Kong
    Iron Kong OLD
    Iron Kong MK II
    Iron Kong Yeti
    Iron Kong SS
    Iron Kong PK
    Iron Kong Marry
    Gojulas MK II
    Gojulas Mariner
    Gojulas Irvine
    Gojulas The Ogre
    Gojulas Giga
    Geno Saurer
    Geno Saurer R
    Geno Saurer RT
    Psycho Geno Saurer
    Geno Breaker
    Geno Breaker Jet
    Geno Breaker R
    Liger Zero
    Liger Zero EM
    Liger Zero S
    Liger Zero Jager
    Liger Zero Schneider
    Liger Zero Panzer
    Liger Zero X
    Berserk Furher
    Strum Furher
    Strum Tyrann
    Konig Wolf
    Dark Spiner
    Killer Spiner
    Geno Hydra
    Trinity Liger
    Blitz Tiger
    Diablo Tiger
    Diablo Tiger Alpha
    Diablo Tiger Beta
    Cyclops I
    Cyclops II
    Chimera Dragon
    Double Arms Lizard
    Lord Gale
    Fuzor Dragon
    Liger Zero Phoenix
    Energy Liger