- Zoids Wild Zero Episodes

 Zoids Wild Zero started airing on October 4th, 2019 on TV Tokyo at 5:55 PM (JST). As the series evolved, the world of Wild Zero grew and the series unfolded into some truly amazing battles. As of May 29th, 2020, the series has gone on hiatus as a result of the Corona Virus. The channel is re-running the episodes during that time.

- Episode List

Title translations courtesy of Falcarius~

  Episode 01:  Birth! Beast Liger
  Episode 02:  The Blasting Armoury! Bazootle
  Episode 03:  The Flightless Lion
  Episode 04:  Defend the Zoid Ruins to the Death!
  Episode 05:  The Traitorous Gatling Fox
  Episode 06:  The Devil's Wings! Sniptera
  Episode 07:  The Great Liger Rescue Operation!
  Episode 08:  Onslaught of the Heavy Tank! Cannon Bull!
  Episode 09:  Roar to the Skies! The Liger's Counterattack!!
  Episode 10:  Orders to Capture the Fox
  Episode 11:  Revival of the Blazing Destroyer Dragon, Genospino!
  Episode 12:  An Invincible Roar! Genospino!
  Episode 13:  The Jet Black Devil-Beast! Drei Panther!
  Episode 14:  Super Evolution! Rising Liger!!
  Episode 15:  Pursue the Destroyer Dragon Genospino!
  Episode 16:  Thorough Research! This is the Rising Liger!
  Episode 17:  Bowman the Fugitive
  Episode 18:  Amber Pincers! Send Out the Kuwaganos!
  Episode 19:  The Island Struggle!
  Episode 20:  Village of the Regeneration Cube
  Episode 21:  Memories Across Time
  Episode 22:  The Fangtiger's Trap
  Episode 23:  Sally Land
  Episode 24:  Full-Body Weapon! The Omega Rex Activates!
  Episode 25:  Menace of the Charged Particle Cannon!
  Episode 26:  The Vanished Omega Rex
  Episode 27:  Showdown of Darkness! Drei Panther vs Gatling Fox!
  Episode 28:  Clash! Two Great Destroyer Dragons!!
  Episode 29:  The Dark Destroyer Fortress Awakens!
  Episode 30:  The Battle of Neo Zenebas City
  Episode 31:  Rescue the Emperor
  Episode 32:  Rebels