- Encyclopedia

    A hub for information on the world of Zoids Wild! This will include things like terminology, different towns and locations, etc. If you're interested in Zoid and Character profiles, please see those specific pages, as they won't be included in the encyclopedia~

- 3rd Platoon

    Known Members: Azas (Commander), Sodas, Zamas
    The third platoon is a Raptor unit consisting of roughly eight raptors. The unit is run by Azas, and has recently taken in Sodas and Zamas after they got demoted following their failed battles. This unit falls in line with most raptor units: Pathetic and easily defeated, although lead by a more cut throat leader who's willing to take the villagers hostage. It's defeated by Kuroame's Grachiosaurus.

- Babamba Mountains

    This location is only mentioned by Kuroame, as being to the East of Inaka Village.

- Baseba Village

    Known Residents: Pukya
    Pukya village is a small town in fierce competition with Tengallo Village. Lead by Chief Pukya, who takes every chance he can to annoy the neighboring Chief Tohha, the village rallies every year to enter the Zoid Festival.

- Beatbox Village

    The home village of Happy, Lucky, and Ooky, of The Rap Squad. Though it's not shown, we can probably assume that Beatbox Village is a rather poor village, as the trio only take odd jobs from Death Metal so that they can send money back to the village.

- Book of Adventures

    The Book of Adventures is a book written by Ikadzuchi, while he was traveling the world outside of Inaka village. In this book he jotted down everything that he learned. The different types of Zoids, what to expect from them, how to survive, how to cook, and the grand adventures that he himself experienced! Shortly before he disappeared he left this book with Arashi, encouraging him to find his own Zoid partner and travel the world someday.

- Death Metal Empire

Known Members:
    - Caviar (Gabrigator)
    - Drake (Gilraptor)
    - Captain Sodas (Raptor)

    Lead by Emperor Gallagher, the Death Metal Empire uses Zoids to spread their rule across the continent. They have a long history of restoring excavated remains, and are well known for using predominently prehistoric animals, mostly dinosaurs. Their influence is often roaming the forest in search of new Zoids, then capturing them and bringing them (and any pilot they may have) back to Death Metal to be recruited. Usually by force.

    Captain Sodas describes Death Metal as "The Aesthetic of Dominance and Destruction." It's not uncommon for the members of the group to say "Death it!" "We'll death you!" and other variables thereof.

    The organization is said to have an "elite four." The four most powerful pilots after Gallagher himself who, individually, are capable of destroying a village or two without any outside help.

- Zoid Restoration

    Most of the Zoids found in Death Metal are restored from excavated specimens. This is done by digging them up and applying a special electrical current to their body, which prompts the Zoid to spring back to life. After the skeletal restoration, armor is added to the specimen and once tamed it'll be ready to move out into active combat.

    There are also rare cases of Wild Zoids being restored naturally, through freak occurrences like a lightning strike. Death Metal will always seek out these Zoids if they're aware of them, but they're not picky. Any Zoid able to be captured will be brought back.

- Zoid Hunting Practices

    Death Metal uses hand held tools in the capture of Wild Zoids, a rather historic method. This begins by using tazers which lasso around parts of the Zoid to deliver a high voltage shock. The voltage itself is adjustable, but running the gun at high voltage for too long can result in a short circuit. Normally it might not be enough to bring down a Zoid, but with several people running the weapons at moderate voltage it'll slowly exhausted and down the target.

    In the event that capture fails, they'll resort to even stronger methods. Rocket launchers, which will serve as a powerful weapon to down a Zoid by inflicting substantially more damage.

- Zoids

    Death Metal is full to the grim with raptors, most of which are likely captured out of the forest or excavated. Their raptor species are usually red in color. Not everyone involved has a Zoid, and it seems that Death Metal is very conscious of how valuable a commodity they are. They often try to handle the situation using infantry soldiers before they send out the Zoids.

- Death Metal Gil Battalion, 1st Platoon

Known Members:
    Zamas (Leader)
    Low ranking Death Metal pilots.

Known Zoids:
    Raptor x10

    The 1st platoon of the Gil Battalion is a unit working under Death Metal. They're sent out on objectives that, so far, have related to capturing high profile Zoids. Unlike earlier Raptor packs, the raptors in the 1st Platoon seem to work quite well together, using different pack tactics to gain the upper hand.

- Group Maneuvers

    Raptor Three-in-One Death Trinity
    Also called the Raptor Final Death Trinity, Dance of Swords!
    This is a rather ridiculous looking attack, in which Zamas stands his raptor on top of two others. The goal is to combine the raptor's weight for a much stronger attack, but how exactly they'd attack while they're all indisposed carrying or balancing on top of another raptor is not very clear.

    Trinity Formation:
    Zamas leads the attack with two raptors at his side. A moment before they reach the enemy the left and right raptor break away from the pack. They go to each side of the enemy and lunge simultaneously. This keeps the target busy while the pack leader leaps in to land an actual attack.

- Detached Commando Force R.A.P

Allegiance: Death Metal
Known Members:
    - Drake*
    - Happy
    - Lucky
    - Ooky

    The Detached Commando Force R.A.P., also known as "The Rap Squad" is one of the Death Metal units in search of the Wild Liger. While they're lead by Drake, the main unit consists of Happy, Lucky, and Ooky, a trio with a suspicious resemblance to Team Rocket. Nevertheless, they're your typical hard to take seriously Death Metal pilots. They often speak in rhymes, acting like rappers.

    While they are technically members of Death Metal, the RAP pilots are actually only after money to pay the bills. They take odd jobs because Death Metal is willing to pay, and when they get their money they send it back to their home, Beatbox Village. Because of this they have very little concern with whether or not Death Metal are the 'bad guys' and are more than willing to help out a stray child starving to death in the desert. Even if he mistakes their name for Team Burp. (In Japanese, Rappu = Rap, Geppu = Burp.)

    * Drake, as a member of the Death Metal Elite Four, is only there to assist. Having a unit to help search for the Wild Liger is convenient, but he's not likely a registered member of the R.A.P.

- Midnight Herbs

    Known in local villages as the mystical or sparkling "Diamond Flower," and rumored to be a great treasure, these herbs grow in dark shade and shine with a beautiful light. Surprisingly few people in the local area seem to know what exactly they are, instead spreading rumors of a treasure that "can only be found where no one has ever gone, and only when your eyes are closed."

    When bathed in moonlight the spores give off a healing property. This has attracted animals from all over the forest to heal their wounds. A large cluster of these herbs were found in a dark cave.

- Great Ancient Treasure Z!

    Nothing is actually known about the Great Ancient Treasure Z, other than that it supposedly contains incredible power. It's said that whoever finds the ancient treasure will be able to get ahold of anything in the world. Many individuals have been known to search for it, but so far, there's little information other than that it may or may not exist.

    Ikadzuchi, Arashi's father disappeared in search of it. Bacon and team Supreme also search for the treasure, but only for the adventure in the chase. Arashi has also joined the search, hoping to beat Bacon to the punch.

- Inaka Village

Known Residents: Arashi, (Formerly) Ikadzuchi, Taifuu

    Inaka (Rural) Village is the small town where Arashi lives. It sits on top of a mountain, protecting it relatively well from the surrounding wildlife (Zoids.)

    After a long history of violence from the surrounding wildlife, Inaka Village is generally closed off and paranoid about the intrusion of Zoids. They don't trust any Zoids, even those piloted by people. While they seemed to come around a bit after Team Supreme helped to extinguish a nearby forest fire and run off Death Metal, this was unlikely to completely change the views of the village.

    The whole place is surrounded by tall barbed wire fences and smothered in signs that warn about the dangers of going outside. If you get past that, the village is surrounded by steep, sheer dropoff cliffs. Arashi has managed to sneak through and drop a ladder to the forest below.

- Puripuri Desert

    This desert is south of Inaka Village. Kuroame mentions it during his recollection of his travels, and while it's not actually shown, the journey closely matches the scenery where Arashi traveled.

- Spanking Village

    A village with a rather self explanatory name. It seems it's a tradition to try and smack someone else on the behind when they aren't paying attention. The village speaks a lot of a great treasure hidden somewhere in the forest, the Diamond Flower.

- Team Freedom

Known Members:
    - Arashi
    - Onigiri
    - Penne

    Team Freedom was formed after Arashi left Inaka Village. He wanted to make a team of his own, and find friends he could travel the world with. The team began with just himself, and he went through a series of ridiculous names before landing on Team Stretchy / Nobi Nobi. His other first draft names included:
    - Team Annashi (Manjuu buns ((or other japanese food)) without the usual red bean filling)
    - Team Arashi
    - Team Azarashi (Seal)
    - Team Awesome Arashi
    - Team Cool Arashi
    - Team Free Arashi

    The first member to join Team Freedom is Penne, though in an unusual way. She doesn't travel with Arashi for a while, instead choosing to head off on her own adventure separate from him. Thanks to the similar manner in which Team Supreme operates, Arashi has no problem with this, and later meets up with Onigiri.

    With Onigiri, he joins the team because Arashi helps to liberate him from the terrifying grip of Death Metal, who wants to use his incredible intellect to forge weapons that bring out a Zoid's true power. Through methods that harm them, that is.

- Team Stretchy

Known Members:
    - Arashi

    Team Stretchy (Nobi Nobi, Stretch, often used in the sense of relaxation) was Arashi's first attempt at drafting Team Freedom. There were quite a few other (equally terrible) names, but this is the one he went with for an episode or two, until he met Penne, who suggested the actual Team Freedom name. Unfortunately for Arashi, Wild Liger not only appeared to hate the name, but refused to achknowledge the logo: Supposedly the Wild Liger!

- Team Supreme

Known Members:
    - Avocado (Ankylox)
    - Bacon (Leader, Fang Tiger)
    - Candy (Kabtor)
    - Garlic (Pachykedos)
    - Kuroame (Grachiosaurus)
    - Sauce (Kabtor)

    Team Supreme is a group of Zoid Hunters who travel the world in search of Zoids. They first entered Inaka Village after hearing that a legendary lion type Zoid had escaped from Death Metal, defeating almost 100 Zoids on its way out. They wanted to add it to their own ranks, but weren't successful.

    While it seems that Team Supreme has generally good hearted members, they're still seekers of treasure and high powered Zoids. When asked about their intentions, Candy said that Taifuu was "half right" about them being a resistance group against Death Metal, but he was cut off before he could elaborate.

    Most people would also expect the team to always stay together, but it's quite the opposite. The members of Supreme wander off on their own, going wherever they went, whenever they want. Oddly, they always seem to end up together again, traveling in a group for a time before each person seeks out their own adventure again.

    Arashi was almost invited to join the team, but before Bacon could extend the invitation, he enthusiastically shouted his goal to start his own team to travel the world with.

- Tengallo Village

    Known Residents: Karon, Tohha
    Tengallo Village is an old western town lead by Chief Tohha. After rescuing Arashi from the desert he explains that the village goes through a yearly Zoid Festival, where they pit giant puppets against each other and see who can knock their puppet out of the ring first. The village is very festive, setting up large celebrations for the festival and always sporting their trademark cowboy hats.

    Tohha explains that Tengallo Village was built by Zoid Hunters, and has since become a place where Zoid Hunters gather from all over to exchange information. They've even been known to excavate Zoids near by.

- Wild Blast

Zoids Known To Use Wild Blast:
    - Gannontoise
    - Wild Liger

    Wild Blast is a hightened state in which a Zoid's full instincts are released. This is signified by an ambient glow and a green flame over their left eye, and can only occur when a Zoid and their pilot have formed the ultimate bond. The Zoid must first intrust their Zoid Key to the pilot, as well as be in sync with them. Not syncing up does not necessarily mean the Wild Blast will deactivate.

    In the beginning Wild Blast is treated as an end all be all of combat, but the ability itself is highly taxing on the body and mind. If a pilot pushes their Zoid to use the wild blast too often, it can actually result in physical damage to the both of them. This can lead to loss of consciousness or even injury, nevermind leaving the Zoid too physically exhausted to fight.

- Zoid Festival

    Known Entrants: Arashi, Kuroame
    The Zoid Festival is an annual event where Pukya Village and Tohha Village make giant Zoid puppets and fight in an arena, with people gathered under each puppet to control it. If one puppet is knocked out of the ring, or damaged to a point that it can no longer fight, the opponent wins. In a recent event, both villages agreed to replace the battle with two real Zoids, using Zoid Hunters as pilots. In this case, it was Kuroame and his Grachiosaurus, and Arashi with his Wild Liger.

- Zoid Key

    A Zoid Key is a specific key given to a pilot only when a Zoid has grown to trust them. The use of this key allows the pilot and Zoid to activate their Wild Blast, unleashing their instincts through a special attack reserved exclusively for this purpose.

    Though these keys are intended specifically for the use of the Wild Blast, Death Metal has managed to use their own versions of Zoid Keys to force a Death Blast, a similar attack to the Wild Blast.

- Zoids

    Zoids are giant creatures with bodies of metal and the instincts and fighting spirit of animals. They're the strongest lifeforms on the mplanet, and stand at the peak of the ecosystem. In some cases they're feared, in others valued as prized war machines. Should a pilot take a kinder approach, however, and learn to work with their Zoid Partner, they can unleash a powerful ability known as "Wild Blast!"

    These creatures have lied beneath the ground all over the planet, for an incredibly long time. In recent years people began to excavate them, and by applying high voltage to the body, their skeletal frames could be reanimated. After that it was a matter of applying armor and taming them, a process that can be a little more finnicky.

    It's also possible for Wild Zoids to be reanimated naturally by coming into contact with an incredibly powerful force. This means a freak accident along the lines of a lightning strike or other high-powered charge. These Zoids, once awoken, become wild. While the occurrence is sad to be rather uncommon, there's a surprising number of Wild Zoids to challenge this statement.

    Zoids are noted to have a natural healing ability, but depending on where the wound is located, they can still have trouble healing. Like living animals they need maintenance, repairs to help them along. This includes patching leaks and other things that may result in them 'bleeding' Zoid Oil from their piping.