- Lightning Saix

Pilots: Irvine

     The Lightning Saix is an extremely high speed Zoid that was secretly being developed for the Guylos Empire. Its development was spear headed by Dr. D, who put an immense amount of effort into the Zoid frame and system. It took three months to program the combat data the first time, which was a huge set back.

     Originally the Lightning Saix's combat data was no good. Even after extreme precautions to ensure the safety of the pilot the Saix itself was still too much to handle. This caused the Zoid to drive head on into a cliff side when the pilot fell unconscious due to the strain of piloting. The only way that the Saix was ever able to stabilize safely was by using the aged combat data of Irvine's Command Wolf. This, combined with the destruction of the original development base is likely why the Saix was never seen in combat afterwards.

Featured Episodes: 48 49 50 51 52 54 55
Weapon Overview:

    Laser Killer Fangs x2:
The small sabers of the Lightning Saix are meant to charge with energy, but are never animated in such a way.
    Strike Laser Claw x4: The claws are also meant to charge with energy, but again, aren't animated as such. For the Saix, however, the claws are unique in that they rotate backwards to be stored up in the bottom of the paws. This keeps them exceptionally sharp until they are needed in battle.
    Double Barreled Vulcan Gun: The Vulcan Guns are stored in the forehead. They consist of two barrels and are pretty well concealed.     Pulse Laser Rifle x2: The Pulse Laser Gun is stationed on the back. It has two gun barrels that fire at rapid speeds, and the sides of the weapon has stabilizers.
Equipment Overview:
    Holographic Technology: The Lightning Saix combines this holographic technology with its incredibly high speeds to create the illusion that it has disappeared during combat, effectively deceiving pilots and weapons.     Booster Pack: A booster pack in the backs of the Pulse Laser Rifle provides an extreme speed boost for the already fast Lightning Saix.

- Lightning Saix Safety Armor

Pilots: ---

    When the Saix was originally developed it was actually so advanced that it wasn't acceptable as a machine to be piloted by a human. The high speeds were a huge risk to the pilot, and in order to make the Zoid more managable a safety device was installed. The entire Zoid was coated in a thick armor that weighed it down and monitored the system.
Featured Episodes: 48
Weapon Overview:
    No custom weaponry.
Equipment Overview:
    No custom equipment.