- Episode 24: A Voice From Afar

Characters: Van, Fiona, Irvine, Rudolph, Moonbay, Dr. D, Medlanik, Dennis, Roado, Stinger
Zoids: Zeke, Shield Liger, Command Wolf IT, Gustav, Dark Horn, Guysack SS

     The strange light from our last episode has had an immediate impact on Van. Feeling confused, and unable to deal with the fact that Fiona is trapped inside of the light, Van's rationalization skills run away from him. He decides that the light means that Zeke has chosen Fiona over him, and out of anger he flees the group, seeking out a ruin in the desert that reminds him of home.

    Atop this ruin he takes the time to sleep, and tries to understand how things got to where they are. His choices between blaming himself and blaming others become a mottled mess, and the negative thought process is only broken when Rudolph shows up. He tries to play off the argument by reminding Van that he promised to teach him how to pilot a Zoid, but Van rebukes his statement, stating that he'll never be piloting a Zoid again. He drives Rudolph to leaving on his own, in spite of his inexperience with the hover board, and after a time (and a dream of hearing Fiona's angry voice) decides to go after him.

    While the others are out, Moonbay manages to save a mysterious man from the desert. One that Irvine immediately distrusts upon meeting.

    It doesn't take long for this new pilot, "Stinger" to show his true colors. An unusual paralyzing drug is slipped to Irvine and Moonbay during dinner and Stinger pursues his original goal to murder Rudolph and assist Medlanik's crew.

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