- Episode 23: The Imperial Ring

Characters: Van, Fiona, Irvine, Rudolph, Moonbay, Dr. D, Raven, Medlanik, Dennis, Roado
Zoids: Zeke, Shield Liger, Command Wolf IT, Gustav, Dark Horn

    Rudolph has been taken and Van is still blaming himself for the loss of his Zoid. It is Dr. D that reminds him there's still precious work to be done -- they must get their friend back. Irvine gets a communication from Medlanik, offering to trade Rudolph for the ring.

    He's devised a plan of attack. Van goes in alone, with the Command Wolf on standby not far off. He claims not to have the ring and when Medlanik lets his guard down a sudden flare blinds the enemy team. Van uses his Hover Board to steal Rudolph, starting a frantic chase into a series of mine shafts.

    Will they be able to escape?

    Meanwhile, the mysterious Fiona is merged to the Organoid Zeke. In a flash of light they disappear; the bolt merging to the statue that was once the Shield Liger. A glowing light engulfs the entire area around the Zoid.

- Deleted Scenes From Episode 23

    Comments: Putting a gun to a child's head is a general no-no. Van is actually shot in the Japanese version but it and blood were removed.

- Screenshots