- Episode 22: Farewell to a Friend

Characters: Van, Fiona, Irvine, Moonbay, Raven, Prozen, Rosso, Viola, Homaleff
Zoids: Zeke, Shield Liger, Command Wolf IT, Gustav, Shadow, Rev Raptor, Geno Saurer

    After Rudolph is given our groups word to transport him to Guygalos he makes a further request for Van to teach him how to pilot a Zoid. Their attempts go ... poorly. The Shield Liger is first overloaded then thrown off a cliff, and so they resort to physical training instead.

    It isn't long before they come across a graveyard of Zoid remains. Irvine notices Dr. D before the rest, and the old man tells them that he's been following the strange foot prints of the Geno Saurer. He's shown holograms of the Gurrill Ruins taken by Irvine and immediately recognizes the Death Saurer. He goes on to say that this legendary Zoid was able to destroy an entire platoon of one thousand Zoids and wipe out an entire nation in just one night.

    He goes on to explain that he's unable to verify that Raven's new Zoid is the Death Saurer. He also explains that if the Zoid Core of Van's Shield Liger is destroyed during the battle, that the Zoid would never recover, and so he must not fight Raven without knowing the true extent of the Geno Saurer's power. Fiona jumps into the conversation and recounts that she no longer believes Raven's Zoid is the Death Saurer.

    The last episode's series of events left Rudolph traumatized. Facing nightmares of being hunted down and really beginning to understand the gravity of his situation Rudolph finds himself unable to sleep. He makes plans to leave the rest of the group. The rubble, everything that they've found reminds him that the soldiers who piloted these Zoids died for their attempts to save his life.

    Van returns this comment with a jest about Rudolph being a baby. He antagonizes him into a fight, trying to prove to him that running away is not the answer. Even after being struck they end on good terms, but only for an instant. A familiar shadow darts from the sky and kidnaps Rudolph while Rev Raptors appear from all sides, threatening to arrest our group. Irvine and his Command Wolf, along with Moonbay and the Gustav create a distraction for Van to get away and go after Shadow.

    Without a doubt the Organoid is taking Rudolph to Raven. He finds the Geno Saurer, but feels himself unable to turn away from the battle. He has to fight Raven to save his friend. Although he makes a good attempt he makes the same mistake as last time -- He tries to use the Energy Shield against the Geno Saurer. Just like before the shield is driven right through, but this time he's not so lucky. The Charged Particle Beam pierces through the chest of the Shield Liger, leaving a massive cavity where the Zoid Core once stayed. It is all that Zeke can do to save his pilot, but as he falls from the sky and the episode ends we find them both to be unconscious.

- Deleted Scenes From Episode 22

    Comments: This would be a pretty messed up dream to have if you knew people were after you. Death by firing squad will proooobably not make it into dubbed animes.

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