- Episode 21: The Charged Particle Gun

Characters: Van, Fiona, Irvine, Moonbay, Raven, Rosso, Viola, Rudolph, Homeleph, Prozen
Zoids: Zeke, Shield Liger, Command Wolf IT, Gustav, Dark Horn, Command Wolf, Redler, Iron Kong

    Raven, taking his new Zoid for a walk was promptly interrupted by a gang of bandits led by "Brad." The foolish bandit scoffed at Raven for being a child, and with no respect for the Zoid he wielded, threatened him to pay a toll to cross through the territory. This obviously went badly. His gang was destroyed without even the use of the new Zoid's real weaponry.

    Meanwhile, while Van and the others were unaware of the preceeding destruction, Van comes across Rudolph after accidentally hitting him with a rock. They introduce each other with a minor scuffle. While taking Van mistook Rosso and Viola for Rudolph's parents, and offended him when he made a comment about their irresponsibility with their child.

    transport if he would trade it to her, but Van forces her to return the cherished item. Their whole conversation was derailed when Fiona mentioned that an evil force was coming. No sooner than she made the comment did Viola's Redler get shot down from the sky. Frightened, but trusting Fiona's instincts they went for their Zoids, only to have them thrown through the air by the shockwave streaming from a Charged Particle Beam.

    Raven makes his forboding appearance. He immediately dodges an attack from the Shield Liger and managed to damage both Zoids just by using the claws. Van makes a valient attempt to stand up for them, ignoring Rudolph's request to negotiate instead. His attempt is shot out of the air -- quite literally when a Charged Particle Beam completely obliterates the Energy Shield on his liger. Without his main defense Van was helpless, forced to watch the Charged Particle Gun recharge. If it wasn't for Rosso and Viola, who grabbed hold of the Geno Saurer, neither of them would have survived. Van takes the oppertunity to flee the scene, saving Rudolph from his attacker. While they escape a massive explosion sounds from behind, implying the death of Rosso and Viola.

    Although the battle was dramatic, it was not the only happenings during the episode. Back at the Guylos capital Prozen made his announcement that he would assume the head of state. His choice would only be changed if Rudolph had been found by the time of the late Emperor's funeral.

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