- Ancient Zoidian

     There is very little said about Ancient Zoidians in the anime. They are a species of humanoids that existed before the real humans became a part of Zi's population. In their time the world was very different, and Zoidians had a close connection with their Zoid partners, to such an extent that they could communicate on a near-telepathic level.

     In the end of their days, the Ancient Zoidians were almost completely annihilated by the Death Saurer. When this evil Zoid went out of control it destroyed most of the planet, and many Ancient Zoidians, and their Organoids, had to be sealed away in capsules. Most Ancient Zoids perished from the damages, too large to effectively seal, and the Death Saurer was eventually brought down by a set of scorpion Zoids to counter it. By that time, it was too late to undo the damage that had been done, and the humanoid races were forced to rebuild their civilization.

    This race is known to have exceptional capabilities, and while these may vary from person to person there are a few traits noted in the series. Hyper sensitive hearing, capable of hearing water even underground. A good sense of smell and a sharp mind that has perception far surpassing normal humans. It is also mentioned that Zoidians are able to detect heat signatures and energies.

- Ancient Zoids

    These small insects are ancient Zoids controlled by Rease and Specula. They are shown to take over both humans and Zoids in large numbers, forcing Zoids to function even when, theoretically, it shouldn't be capable. This includes overriding a system freeze. Even so, singularly they are fragile and easily destroyed.

    The insects themselves are said to be ancestors to Zoids like the Double Sworder and Saicurtis. Until being used by Rease it was assumed that this small species had gone extinct.

- Eisenbeck Unit

     The Eisenbeck unit is an Imperial Air Force unit stationed at the Ebonei Air Base. The unit consists entirely of Black Redlers that were developed under the command of Regent Prozen and the unit itself is lead by Ralph, with Mueller acting as one of his main subordinates. Within Episode 29 there are over 40 Redlers recorded to be at the base. How many are in the Eisenbeck Unit is undetermined, but roughly 10 are noted to be deployed at any one time.

- Electrical Pulse Shield Generation Device

    A mere green floppy disc that when installed to a Zoid can generate a golden Energy Shield. This barrier is specifically designed to neutralize charged particles, thus shielding a Zoid from the dangers of the Geno Breaker's particle cannon. Once installed it can be used by any Zoid, even those lacking in proper shield generation panels. It appears that in spite of this it can filter off of some natural equipment (example: Dibison's horns) though it is unclear if this makes any difference in the output power.

    Unfortunately the shield increases energy expendature by 300%. This dramatically increases the chance of a system freeze and makes the shield very dangerous to use. If your Zoid is not mobile enough to get away it risks the chance of being destroyed outright afterwards.

- Energy Shield

    An external materialization of energy that protects a Zoid. It acts as a literal shield, taking different shapes and colors. These colors are often related to the power output of the shield. While many Zoids (such as the Blade Liger) use specialized panels for additional output, these are not necessary. Zoids like the Lightning Saix were able to install these systems without panels using a simple disc.

    The Shield's power is not indefinite. A strong impact, such as a melee move can destroy an Energy Shield. Gun fire is less effective, though specialized ammunition (usually that with a lot of force, rarely energy based) is able to puncture the shield with varied success. A primary weakness known to all of these barriers is that if confronted by another Energy Shield, both will cease to function. In the opposite side of the spectrum shields are known to gain additional power when used with particular energy frequences, such as the Blade Liger's energy blades.

    External shields generate one panel at a time, usually taking one or two seconds to fully manifest. E-Shields is a short term for Energy Shield but often is used specifically for shields that wrap close to the body. These particular types of shields allow Zoids to continue firing.

- Evolution

     Zoids are incredible creatures, but even with their extensive use by the armies they are hardly understood. The Zoid Core is the most intriguing part of a Zoid and it has been known that under the right circumstances the core, combined with the power of an Organoid can trigger an evolution of the Zoid.

     Evolution seems to have varying rules. It could be speculated that the evolution depends on both the Zoid, the pilot, and even the Organoid's personal experience. The renowned scientist Dr. D noted that the Shield Liger evolving in such a short period of time, which was only 1-3 days was impressive considering that the pilot was only a child. Zeke also manages to evolve the Shield Liger into the Blade Liger in roughly the same amount of time it takes for Shadow to evolve the Geno Breaker, while other Organoids, such as Ambient, are capable of instant evolution (while Ambient is known to be awakened a bit earlier than the other two, and in training much longer before either of them.)

     Although it is not discussed at length in the series, Ancient Zoidians seem to be able to influence evolution to an extent when merged with an Organoid. During the actual evolution process the Zoid is encased with a caccoon if it is considered that it will require an extended period of time. Immediate evolutions are not noted to have such a caccoon.

     Regardless of the methods used, as far as the Chaotic Century anime is concerned every Zoid is a remodeled version of the earlier form. There is no (visibly shown) evolution that involvse changing the entirety of the frame, although cases like the Death Stinger are still up for debate. In the case of the Blade Liger, this Zoid has modified armor pieces and paws, but over all shares the same frame. The Geno Breaker is only a red Genosaurer with greater power, more instability, and a modified jet pack. The results and the type of Zoid that a unit is evolved into varies, but all evolutions noted in the series have an inclination towards feral or close range combat.

- Gaphkee Karl Fever

     Gafkey Karl Fever is an incredibly dangerous illness common in some parts of the Empire. While it is certainly unpleasant for adults it is deadly to children, and will cause death if a vaccination is not administered within two to three days. Like most common illnesses this fever is especially dangerous to individuals who suffer from a weakened immune system.

- Gallos

     Gallos are the monetary currency said to be used in Zoids Chaotic Century, at least by the Empire. Though there isn't a particuarly specific rate of exchange it doesn't seem to be too horribly different in value from the United States Dollar. The actual exchange of money is very rarely seen.

- Glen's Border Line Security Unit

     Glen's Border Line Security Unit consists of one Dark Horn, two Iron Kong BG, and at least three Heldigunner. It is lead by Glen (big surprise) and in time has become corrupt. They were responsible for burning the entire City of Wind simply because they didn't have anything valuable enough to steal, but receive their retribution when they are hunted down and murdered by the Three Guards unit.

- Guylos Grand Prix

    A prestigious race held for the last 77 years in the Guylos Empire. It is a race amongst Sinkers with famous pilots from all across the world. Each year the Emperor attends for the opening, which has become such a tradition that they won't fail to meet this date even under threat of assassination. Most of the pilots used as filler have names mirroring famous rock stars. There have, to this date been 77 races.

Known Racers:
    - Bruce Dickinson
    - Graham Bonnet
    - Lemmy Kilmister (Remmy in the Dub)
    - Masquerade
    - Moonbay "The Legendary Fireball"
    - Osbourne

- Guardian Force

     The Guardian Force is a task force that was established by the Helic Republic and Guylos Empire, following a series of troubling events after the war. The purpose of the unit was to pursue criminals that were trying to reinstigate conflict between the nations, as well as rebels that used Zoids to disturb the peace. Each officer of the Guardian Force was given a very unique pendant featuring a combination insignia of both nations, as well as a military badge featuring the same.

- Hiltz Subordinate Groups

     Throughout the series Hiltz used a number of subordinate groups composed of bandits and rebels. Many of these groups lacked names, so they will simply be listed below in the order that they appeared. Almost all groups seemed to have had some assistance for equipment and Zoid assets from Hiltz or Ambient. Rease is not included in these groups.

Group 1: Stealth Viper
     The first assailant that was hired by Hiltz was an unnamed man who showed quite a bit of fear for the man and his Organoid. He was loned Ambient to defeat Van, using a Stealth Viper, and destroyed a number of Republican bases along his way to the Wind Colony. When he failed to complete his job he was thrown off a cliff and killed. The Zoid was destroyed earlier by Van Flyheight.

Group 2: 15 Desert Command Wolves and 1 Desert Gordos MI
     The second group that were working under his control were a group of desert bandits. This group used a series of Desert Command Wolves and a Gordos that was equipped with the Magnetic Induction Weapons developed by the Guylos Empire. Their motives were not clarified in detail, but they had demanded that the near by town evacuate within one week or be destroyed. This group was dispatched by Van Flyheight and Thomas Schubaltz of the Guardian Force.

Group 3: Six Helcats
     The third group consisted entirely of Helcats. At this point it began to become apparent that Hiltz intended to mess with the Guardian Force. Each of his plants were intentionally designed to draw the attention of the military powers. In this case, he had his bandits sieze supply transports that were going through the mountains. They even struck groups that didn't come particularly close to the caves. The alternative goal was to protect a cave being excavated by Hiltz, which would contain some very dangerous items.

Group 4: The Zoid Hunters
     The fourth group is one of the only ones that gained a reputable name with the army, the "Zoid Hunters." Their combat units were mostly Desert Heldigunners but they amassed a large number of Zoids while stealing sleepers that had not yet been recovered by the army. This group used a fusion furnace of sorts in attempt to evolve and mutate Zoid cores. This group will be explained in greater detail in an article at the bottom of this page, due to their distinguished status.

- Hover Board

     Hover Boards are a mode of transportation, much like skateboards. Although they're never seen in the later part of the series, Van Flyheight uses one quite effectively in his home Colony of the Elemia Desert. Aside from hovering, these boards are seen to have a jump function that allows them to make a bounding leap into the air- over 10 feet. The controls are connected by a lengthy wire that is held in ones hand during use, and connects to the back of the board. These devices are not indicated to be made by Van, in spite of his mechanical talents. They are used by other members of the team in other episode.

- Humans

     Humans make up most of the cast. Ancient Zoidians are exceptionally rare, and most of Zi's inhabitants are often distant descendants of mixed race.

     Zoids has a wide cultural variety. Many humans have markings on their face, usually tattoos. These marks usually indicate a person's origin or alliance. For example, many people in the Wind Colony have the square marking that is also on Van's left cheek. Members of the Desert Alcabalino Gang all have the same stripe across their face. These cultural differences distinguish an individual, but it is also shown that most humans on Zi have a very accepting attitude towards members of different cultures. It is also worth mentioning that it is not uncommon to see members of one Colony with a wide variety of markings, or no markings at all.

- Imperial Ring of Guylos

     The Imperial Ring of Guylos is a symbol that an individual is the true ruler. It is said that without the ring even the rightful heir cannot become Emperor. This proves to be a huge problem for the young Emperor Rudolph, as well as many thieves that want to steal the ring.

     The ring appears to be made out of gold, with the engraved Dragon emblem of Guylos carved onto its surface with a stunning ruby in the middle of the cross guard. Rudolph carries it on a chain around his neck, but Prozen chooses to wear the ring.

- Jamming Snow

     Jamming Snow is first seen in Episode 17, when it is deployed from Prozen's moving Glacier base. It is deployed by use of a missile, and although the snow is artificial, and used to create a strong electro-magnetic disturbance, it effectively changes the atmosphere by dropping the air temperature as well.

- Light Beacon

     A simple red light system installed onto a Zoid or stationary location. This object acts as a beacon for aerial Zoids (or other units) in harsh weather or atmospheric conditions, allowing them to find their way back, or to their commander.

- Magnetic Induction Weapon

     This unique technology was first developed by the Guylos Empire. The basis of the equipment was that these magnetic pulse items would push and pull shelling ammunition in the direction that the user wanted. Positioned strategically, they can take the ammunition coming from one direction and redirect it at the enemy. If a unit was careful enough it could protect itself on all sides from standard ammunitions.

     When actually put into use this technology relied on the Multiple Missile Diffusion System that was developed by the Republican army. It is extremely likely that the MMDS was received during the Weapons Exchange Program put into plac after the war, as it would have worked very nicely for dispersing the technology, which was then installed to the ends of the spears.

     The strange thing is that this technology was assumed to still be in development when it was witnessed in battle. It is possible that it was stolen by Hiltz for the sake of instigating the war.

- Micro-electronic Stealth Chip

    These microscopic devices are electrical imaging hardware. They are capable of sending images and scattered over a large area can project an illusion. In a large enough area their combined activation leaves an electrical impulse detectable by radar. A known example of their use was in the Cerberus project.

- Multiple Missile Diffusion System

     The Multiple Missile Diffusion System is a weapon system that was originally developed for the ZG. In spite of this being clearly stated, it never saw use by any Gojulas unit, and instead was used only once in its original form Command Wolf IT. In spite of the weapon's name, the Command Wolf IT is known as the Command Wolf SM (Spear Missile; Not stated in the anime) with the Diffusion System equipped.

     Later on, a customized version of this weapon appeared to be used with a desert schemed Gordos. The system had been customized to use Imperial technology. This implies that it's possible that the Multiple Missile Diffusion System, while not used frequently as a Republican Zoid weapon, was handed over to the Empire in the Mutual Weapons Exchange program, where it would be adapted for non-weapon use.

     The customized system on Desert themed Gordos used the same ammunition but was a much wider box, supporting a firing of 14 diffusion missiles at once, instead of 8.

- Mutual Weapons Exchange Program

     The Mutual Weapons Exchange Program was a program developed as a symbol of trust between the nations. After the war had ended each side agreed to trade each other weapons from their own arsenal. This could refer to anything from weapons to Zoids, as it is known that such high class Zoids as the Dibison were traded to the Empire during the program.

- Organoids

     Organoids are smaller Zoids, capable of dissolving into raw energy and merging to the core of a Zoid. The stimulation of the Zoid Core increases a Zoids abilities, in everything from raw energy/power to speed and strength.

     In the beginning of the series, Organoids are of such rarity that many people believe them to be mere myth. It is only people that encounter them, and the Imperial/Republican Army that believe in and have evidence of their existence.

     These creatures are of unknown origin- they never discover if they are created or born naturally like other Zoids, as Organoids do not have a core that supports the life in a regular Zoid. The only thing that is known about them is their present-day abilities to merge to and evolve Zoids, and that they come from ancient times when the Ancient Zoidians were still living on the planet.

     At one point Dr. D mentions that there are myths regarding Organoids, but that in spite of their existance little has been discovered, even from those captured by the armies. He mentions a legend in which when Ancient Zoidians were locked in their capsules, the Organoids sealed along side them retained the memories of their Zoidian companions. He also mentioned that Organoids were known to have a very special bond with Zoidians, and accompanied them wherever they went.

     Throughout the series there are only four Organoids. Zeke (who belongs to Van), Shadow (who belongs to Raven), Ambient (who belongs to Hiltz), and Specular (who belongs to Rease). They show a different level of abilities, as well as maturity and skill level.

- Pods

     According to Ancient Zoidian times, pods have been used to seal not only humans, but Organoids. It is specified in other parts of the Zoids franchise that cores do age, and eventually decay, and so it is assumed that these chambers are required to keep a Zoid Core young and alive over a long period of time.

     The first instance of these pods being used, that was seen in the series, was with the Ancient Zoidian girl "Fiona" and 'her' Organoid "Zeke". It is seen that a large number of cables run to these pods to keep them fully functional, and upon activation, they shatter into many shards of glass after a resounding heart beat pumps life back into the inhabitants.

     Although it is never specified just how old these pods are, they must be hundreds of years at least, to have kept Ancient Zoidians alive for such a long time. Many had fallen into human and military hands, and while the cables seem to be integral to sustaining them, it is seen that the pods can be removed from these cables and transported for a short period of time before it becomes detrimental to their health.

- Prozen Knights

     The Prozen Knights is a unit not mentioned much in the series, but represented by Hardin and her Iron Kong PK. Although it is unclear of the rest of her unit quality as one of the Knights (assuming it doesn't) she controls a number of subordinants, with little regard for their safety.

- Rarehertz

     A Rarehertz; a mysterious pulse that seems to travel, and inflicts Zoids with a type of 'illness'. This pulse affects the systems directly, and causes a Zoid to rapidly malfunction. This malfunction can be anything from off sightings, to complete disability or acts of extreme violence when the Zoid loses control.

     It is explained that Zoids are unable to escape a Rarehertz, but that Pulse Guards installed in most Zoids can at least subdue the pulse. These pulses can spontaneously disappear, and later appear in other areas -- making it impossible to tell where they will strike next, and making them a serious danger to civilians. Some indication can be given to the presence of a Rarehertz as select few Zoids eyes will change color when encountering the anomaly.

- Republican Army Military Intelligence Division

    A division of the military dedicated to tracking down suspicious activity. In its original context it was used to investigate a number of brand new weapons showing up in enemy hands. Weapons that were even still in development and theoretically should not have been released yet.

- Sleeper Zoids

     Sleeper Zoids are Zoids that belonged to the Imperial or Republican armies. These Zoids have a black box in place of a pilot, which contains pre-constructed orders for the Zoid. It determines how and when they act, and governs their intelligence in combat situations. Because of this, Sleepers are considered to be an easy target in a one on one fight.

     Among these details, Sleepers are also known to fire on a pilot, while a normal Zoid would not, if it fits into their normal combat criteria. Many will chase down pilots or Zoids that are detected to have unauthorized weaponry or ammunition.

- Snow Rocket

     A rocket created by Dr. D. It was originally intended to create snow, but the first experiment failed (and just coincidentally lined up with a natural snow occurrence.)

- The Three Guards Unit

     The Three Guards Unit was once made up of the best pilots ever gracing the Empire. They were said to be undefeatable, and noble to boot, always doing what was best for civilians. In present time they are retired from the Empire, only being called out of retirement once, and for a lesser cause. This unit has three pilots: Wagner, Grosscao, and Vipei.

     With only three Zoids it is fairly impressive that this unit receives so much recognition. Their Zoids are three Zaber Fang AT, but are fairly out dated for the equipment and technology known to Zabers today. The intricate designs of these Zoids was only ever seen on one other: The Royal Zaber, implying that these pilots have received incredible recognition from the late Emperor. The unit has two silvers and one gold, each with custom shoulder armor.

     Even after their official retirement the Three Guards were unable to ignore civilians in need. They have hunted down and murdered Imperial soldiers that were known to have caused great harm to their own citizens, and will even attack their former side if they consider them to go against their honor.

- Wild Zoid

     Wild Zoids in the Chaotic Century anime are Zoids that have escaped from the army. When this was brought up, it lead us to believe that sentient Zoids can choose to leave the army, if they find the right opportunity. These Zoids are often peaceful, and while they usually won't be inclined to take on a pilot, they rarely fire on other pilots or Zoids unless it's in self defense.

- ZG

     The military term for the Gojulas. This is how it was referred to for the first few episodes before deployment.

- Zi Foundation

    The Zi Foundation was a charity organization developed to help war orphans. It managed to do so on a few occasions, but in all actuality the organization was just a front for producing weapons after the war. The group was lead by a man known as General Garth. Someone who was widely known for his charity efforts before the events that took place in Episode 55.

    The main courtyard of the academy contains five Zoid hangar bays, loaded with Gun Sniper WW. These Zoids were mobilized against military officials (including the Guardian Force) to eliminate the threat of being found out.

- Zoid

     A Zoid is, of course, the main attraction of the series. Zoids are massive mechanical animals, used frequently by the Empire and Republic. Although most are employed for Military use, they are sentient beings, running off of a Zoid Core that contains their mind and memory. Aside from this massive power source, it is also indicated that Zoids have a self-healing ability, and can heal minor damages over a few days depending on how good that ability is. Wiring inside the frame can be reconfigured to increase this ability.

- Zoid Core

     A Zoid core is, in short, the very life and essence of the Zoid. It has been referred to as the "heart," but also contains the mind and functionality. If a Zoid core is damaged the Zoid could suffer mass amounts of memory loss or, if the Zoid is damaged enough will even cause the Zoid to irreparably shut down. In essence, the Zoid will die. When the death of the Zoid originates from the desruction of the Zoid Core the Zoid itself will turn to stone. In a situation where this is a slower process, only sections of the Zoid will be transformed and progressively become worse.

     Throughout the series the Core proves to be a fickle thing. Not only can it fluctuate in power depending on the Zoid's personality, tenacity, and will, but the core can also be merged with Organoids, and even Ancient Zoidians (are supposedly humans) that happen to fuse with the Zoid. It is also noted that these spheres draw power from the Zoid Eve. If they happen to be close to the Eve the Core can completely regenerate a Zoid, or fluctuate massively in power.

     In some instances, when the Zoid is destroyed but the Core survives, it is recovered by the army to be used with other Zoids. In these cases they seem to freeze it with a type of liquid nitrogen for transport. Cores are also known to absorb (or potentially release) nutrients in water, with them being used to develope the strengths and life of many in-developement Zoids that were created by the Empire.

- The Zoid Hunters

     The Zoid Hunters were a group supposedly under the command of Prozen, though this can still be up to debate, as Hiltz at one point acted against the group (strangely before their success.) The group used two "bases", a mobile fortress (the Whale King) and a stationary base that was built into a stand alone mountain, with a landing strip for the Whale King built onto the flat top.

     This group was recognized by the Guardian Force dispatchers and was known to be capturing sleeper Zoids that were left over from the war. It was later discovered that they were using these Zoids for an experiment in which the core would be mutated. Their goal was to create a new type of Zoid, one that strangely resembled the Gun Gyarados. A special separation furnace was used to separate the Zoids from their cores, and the cores were then put into a special chamber where electrical surges would be applied. Most simply destabilized and dissolved.

     At no point were they distinguished to be successful in their attempts. The Whale King was severely damaged during take off and ended up crashing into their base, a disaster rigged up by Hiltz. The entire underground base and the Whale King were completely destroyed, along with any alleged evidence of their objectives.

- Zoid Magnite

     Zoid Magnite is a strange blue ore resembling the same stone that makes up the Zoid Eve. It is used in the revival of some Zoids, and has been seen to be able to revive Organoids who are on their death bed. Rather or not this same ore can be used to revive Zoids is questionable, but the rarity and difficulty of obtaining it would suggest that it wouldn't be worth while to harvest.

     Zoid Magnite has only been found in Mount Osa (in the series), an active Volcano that burns at a temperature of over 2,000 degrees.