- Zoids Art Statues

Japanese Name: (ゾイドアートスタチュー)
    The art statues are a beautiful assortment of miniature figures featuring Zoids in different environments. Some are even tailored towards battle or action poses. One thing they all share in common is the completely unique aesthetic and attention to artistic detail. A highly recommend acquisition for any collector.

List of Original Figures:

    In the original volumes (1-3) each Zoid came in a color version and a grayscale version. This was a complete random chance and you'd only get one, not both, in a randomized box.

Volume 1:
    - Death Saurer
    - Death Stinger
    - Double Sworder
    - Mad Thunder
    - Saicurtis
    - Wild Liger (Chase Figure)

Volume 2:
    - Gungyarado
    - Gojulas
    - Orudios
    - Gordos
    - Iron Kong
    - Wild Kong (Chase Figure)

Volume 3:
    - Barigator
    - Dibison
    - Gojulas Giga
    - Saber Tiger
    - Shield Liger
    - Whale King (Chase Figure)

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