- Tomica Red Blade Liger

    The Red Blade Liger is one of three Tomica Zoids released. All three of them were Blade Ligers, with the Red and Blue Blade Ligers being the standard releases. This liger, and all others in the line are made almost entirely out of die cast metal. They're a very small scale, smaller than the D-Style Zoids released by Kotobukiya but are definitely a unique find, if you can get one.

- Box


- Gimmicks

    The head can tip up and down, and move side to side, but the range of motion is very, very small. You'll see in the photos the extent of it.

    Tomica Ligers are slightly posable, but the legs don't have any articulation in the middle. For a small figure, though, they aren't bad. The legs can spin all the way around, so yes, they can do the crab walk. They can also bend outwards a little.

    The paws are on a ball joint to flip forwards, backwards, or swivel around in a circle.

    Like most kits the tail is able to swing up and down. It is on a ball joint that allows it to also turn around a little bit, but not by much.