- KFM Liger Zero

    KFM Zero is an interesting figure that was made almost half out of diecast metal (mostly the armor). It was one of the first posable figures ever released and is still my second favorite posable item ever released in the Zoids franchise, second only to Revoltech. Unlike Zoids like HMM and BLOX they hold up for years and years without ever sulking or degrading.

    This figure is a smaller scale than the standard Liger Zero, roughly 30-40% smaller than the motorized model kit. The joints 'click' into place in different positions which greatly improves the stability of the kit over time, since it is less reliant on friction joints.

    KFM Liger Zero was released twice, with a larger square box and a thinner wide box. The larger box has all the armor pieces removed and in the plastic surrounding the kit, but as far as I can tell there is no difference what so ever between the two releases.

    One of very few figures made partially out of die-cast metal
    Decent posability
    Absolutely no deterioration over time
    The only known action figure set up for changable armor systems

    Relatively high price
    Smaller scale than the model kits

- Box and Inserts

    Small Box:
    This box comes with the Liger Zero with the armor already equipped.


    Large Box:
    This box comes with the Liger Zero with the armor pieces all unequipped.


- Instructions


- Armorless

Liger Zero can have all of its armor removed. This doesn't improve posability any, it's just for the sake of CAS units, but the armorless KFM really looks great. I'd almost consider getting one just to keep this way.

- Gimmicks

Mane Panel
    For some reason they decided not to make the Liger Zero's cockpit open but instead made only the mane piece ontop of the head flip forward, almost lik Shield Liger's shield generator. It's an interesting change, but I don't see the point in making only the end of the cockpit/mane move when it theoretically wouldn't have been much more difficult to mod the whole piece.

Face Panels
    The panels on the sides of the face flip forward, too, for the Strike Laser Claw style poses. These pieces are a little difficult to attach and detach. Unfortunately I ended up breaking a piece of the black plastic that holds them in place on my Panzer version, so be careful of that.

    KFM is one of those figures/kits where the jaw opens an almost alarming distance. It looks a little detached at times, but this is always great for poses and, ya know, making it eat the other Zoids.

Lower Mane
    The shield piece over the bottom of the neck is rotational. It can flip forward and backwards in a pretty good range.

    Hrm, unfortunately, I took these photos quite a while ago. I neglected to get pictures of all the posability for the legs, but the rear legs are articulated at the knee and 'heel', able to swing up and down. The front legs are articulated at the 'elbows'.

    The KFM figure doesn't have extendable claws; they're all one solid block. Nonetheless they're attached using a ball joint that allows them to swivel around in a circle, and turn just slightly up and down. I've always wished kits could bend their paws backwards for 'leaping' poses. Unfortunately KFM didn't deliver that.

    The tail has some movability to swing up and down.

Tail Gun
    His tail gun flips up and down just like the motorized kit.

    The stabilizers on both sides can not only flip outwards, like on the motorized kit, but can also flip all the way down if you want them to. Not very functional but I always like better ranges of motion in parts, regardless of necessity.