KFM Berserk Fuhrer

    There were two main units released in the King of Flexible Mobile line. After the Liger Zero, the second and final release was the Berserk Fury. Like the Liger Zero, it's made partially from die cast metal. This is namely the armor, and part of the main body.
    Honestly, this is one of my favorite figures. It's got great detail, great mobility, and secure joints, so it doesn't 'sulk'. The only main gripe I have about it is that it can be difficult to get the figure to stand high, due to balance issues.

    Excellent design
    Excellent flexibility, with firm joints that prevent 'sulking'
    Armor is made out of a unique die cast metal

    Extremely high price and hard to find (estimate $80-$120)


    Most of the Fury's armor is removable, so you can have an armorless one too, if you like. While this is pretty cool, the holes for the pegs in the muzzle punch all the way through the nose of the Fury. The ribs are made out of an adjustable metal though, with sevearl interlaced plates that allow the torso to rotate without looking too 'broken'.

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- Gimmicks

    Although the Fury does have an opening cockpit, the space between the seat and the helmet is far too small for a pilot to sit.

    Where the head connects to the neck is also rotational. Here, the head can spin almost completely, and can rotate slightly left or right as well.

    Both arms are rotational at the shoulder. There is also another joint at the elbow, which allows them to rotate up and down. The claws on the hands also rotate separately.

Main Body
    The main body of the Fury is separated into two main pieces; the front and back. These two pieces can rotate sideways, and bend ever so slightly. The "ribs" of the Fury are also all separate links, so they can rotate with the body, so that the motion does not look unnatural.

    Both thruster units on the back can fan open.

Particle Blades
    Like the model kit, the KFM doesn't lack in articulation when it comes to the omni-directional blades. All three blades flip open separately, and the arm itself has a wide range of articulation. This includes where the blades attach, which is on a lever that can rotate up and down. Half way down the arm, there is another joint, where it can spin completely, allowing these blades to flip backwards. Finally, another joint, closer to where the arms attach to the body, another hinge adds a second point where they can rotate forwards and backwards.

    There's a lot of different points to cover here, too. Each leg can rotate slightly outwards from the body where they connect. At the knee, there is a rotational hinge joint that snaps into place. On the heels, the two lavender fan-pieces can flip open, and the anchors of the feet can flatten out.

    On each foot are three claws. Each of these can rotate separately.

    Berserk Fury's tail is separated, so each segment can spin left or right. In addition, each armor piece on the tail can rotate upwards/downwards when the particle cannon is 'active'.