- Liger Zero Phoenix

    While I personally love Liger Zero Phoenix as a Zoid this figure is the one that lets ya down. It's still cool looking but the face is very, very squished. The Liger Zero in this same set shows that they could have evened it out a little, but it almost looks like the Phoenix cap is melting into the head or concaven.

    Aside from the aesthetic issues the Phoenix attaches to its base on the rear left leg. While the leg stays nicely attached to the base the ... rest of the Zoid doesn't stay very attached to the leg. It falls off very easily. If you just set it on a shelf it'll stay put but it's difficult to mess with or move otherwise. It and the Buster Eagle (our lovely fuzors) are ironically the ones that always come apart.

- Blue Liger Zero Phoenix

    Based off of the blue NJR Phoenixes that appeared in the Zoids Battle Story this is a very nice figure, but unfortunately it suffers from the same concaved facial look that the normal Liger Zero Phoenix has. It also has the same issue with the leg coming detached from the rest of the body.