- Zoids Chaotic Century: Volume 1 "Discovery"

    -Ep. 01 The Boy From Planet Zi
    -Ep. 02 The Mysterious Fiona
    -Ep. 03 Memory
    -Ep. 04 The Protectors
    -Ep. 05 Sleeper Trap
    -Ep. 06 Jump! Zeke!

Bonus Features:
    -Character Review: Van
    -Character Review: Fiona
    -Zoid Review: Zeke
    -Zoid Review: Shield Liger

-Box Details

The descriptions under "Discovery" are the ones presented on the box. The third image above is the paper insert.

    After being chased by bandits, a boy named Van takes sactuary in some abandoned ruins. There, he discovers two pods, side by side. Unsure of his next move, but forced to make a quick decision to escape the approaching bandits, Van presses the switch...

Additional Details:
    The unique red and blue Shield Liger on the box was a supposedly unreleased kit produced by Hasbro. The final release of the Holotech Liger in Canada was all black and blue.

Character Profile: Van

    Van, a young fourteen year old boy from a desert village called 'Wind Colony' on Planet Zi, who loves Zoids and aspires to become a Zoid pilot just like his father. One day he discovers two pods in an ancient ruin, Organoid Zeke and a mysterious girl, Fiona; while he was seeking refuge from bandits who were chasing him.
    What will come of this discovery? Will danger ensue here after?

Character Profile: Fiona

    Fiona, a mysterious young girl found along side Zeke's pod in the ruin. She has no memory of her past except her own name, and seems to possess a keen connection and a link to Zeke and a Zoidian past. Will Van and Zeke help her recover her memory?

Character (Zoid) Profile: Zeke

    Zeke, discovered by Van in one of the pods of the ruin, Zeke is named after Van's father's beloved Zoid, and soon becomes Van's friend and partner. Zeke is a smaller Organoid type of Zoid, that has the special ability to merge with a larger Zoid, such as the Shield Liger, to give it additional power.
    What makes Zeke so special compared to an ordinary Zoid?

Zoid Profile: Shield Liger


    Shield Liger

    "RZ-007 Shield Liger"

    This lion-type Zoid with inner coolers distributed throughout their bodies have super aerodynamic characteristics, and are able to run as fast as 250 km/h.

Stat Points
Physical Data
    Accleration: 4
    Maneuverability: 5
    Detection: 3
    Close Combat: 6
    Fire Power: 3
    Protection: 5

    Type: Lion
    Length: 21.6 M
    Height: 9.0 M
    Weight: 92 tons
    Speed: 250 KPH
    Crew: 2

    -Laser Saber (Tooth) X 2
    -Strike Claw X 2
    -Anti-Zoid 3 Barrel Shock Cannon
    -Pop-Out Type Missile Pod X 2
    -AMD Double Barreled 20mm Beam Cannon
    -Anti-Zoid 30mm Double Barreled Beam Gun
    -E-Shield Generator