The Evolution of Primeval Metal Lifeforms

Evolutionary Timeline
Primative Organisms → Plants → Cnidarians → Insects → Tunicates → Shellfish

- A Different Biogenetic Environment from Earth

    The life of Planet Zi originated in its high-temperature, high-pressure seas, and later evolved into more complex organisms. In order to win against others in the struggle for survival, all they could do was follow the path of evolving to be larger, harder and faster-moving.

    The slow-moving lobites that crawled around on the seafloor came to possess a spinal cord as a means to move faster and further, and developed sharp teeth to eat prey and fins to improve their mobility. Eventually, two pairs of fins developed into "legs", so that they could climb up onto the unknown territory of land.

- A Biota Clad in Armour

Evolutionary Timeline
Vertebrates → Mammals → Tetropods → Birds → Dinosaurs

    Having originated on the high-temperature, high-pressure seafloor, life eventually made three choices with regards to its environment.

    When the impurities in the atmosphere were removed by the fall of the planetesimals, and the sun's light began to reach the surface, protists appeared that used this light to perform photosynthesis. They later developed into plants, with a structural colour of beautiful green.

    In contrast, the lobites that had gained hard metallic shells evolved into insects as well as fish, which developed the spinal cords necessary to move more actively, and one variety of fish developed its fins into "legs" and aimed for land.

    To move around on land, stronger muscles would be necessary. Developing their organs for absorbing metal internally and externally even further, they perfected semiconductive muscles with greater energy efficiency.

    These closely resemble the ion-conducting macromolecular membrane technology produced by the latest robotronics, which can expand and contract due to electric charges.

    Through this, they gained quicker movements and harder shells, and came to prosper on land.

- The Origin of the Zoid Core

    The life of Planet Zi was born within a blast furnace of high-temperature, high-pressure, high-concentration hydrogen sulphide, and even when their environment changed and they began to live on land, they continued to preserve the composition of Planet Zi's primeval high-temperature seawater as the composition of their blood and bodily fluids. However, by the era in which huge sauropods strode across the land, this primeval high-temperature seawater no longer existed anywhere on the planet (except in the special environments of underground lava reservoirs), and thus when generating new individuals, they had lost the environment in which to give birth to offspring. The "Zoid Core" was a groundbreaking system that they produced in order to overcome this situation and leave behind new individuals for the future.

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