Evolution of Life on Planet Zi

    - Concepts of Metal Lifeforms

    ★ The creatures of Planet Zi are called "metal lifeforms" as a general term.

    ★ "Metal lifeforms" that have a Zoid Core within their bodies are called "Zoids".

1 Billion Years Ago ~

    A: Primeval Metal Lifeforms

    ● The primeval life of Planet Zi, they have similar appearances to Earth creatures and contain large quantities of heavy metals within their bodies.

    ● Part of their body is formed by a solid "shell".

200 Million Years Ago ~

    B: Metal Exoskeleton Organisms (Shelled Creatures)

    ● Their entire body forms an exoskeleton, and a Zoid Core has fully evolved within their body.

    Wild Zoids
    Refers to Zoids in general as they have naturally evolved, mainly used for beast-type Zoids. Zoids untouched by human hands are called Wild Zoids, and in particular, the dinosaur-type Zoids that prospered before the origin of beast-type Zoids are called Ancient Zoids.

ZAC 1890 ~

    C: Mechanical Organisms

    ● "B: Metal Exoskeleton Organisms" biomodified by humans.

    ● The majority of their body is composed of artificial parts.

    ● Their natural reproductive functions have been lost.
        - Artificial Zoids
        - Combat Zoids (Battle Machine Beasts)
        - Stray Zoids

200 Million Years Ago ~

    D: Metal Mucous Membrane Organisms

    ● Mainly refers to Planet Zi's primitive humans and plants.

    ● They have no Zoid Cores, but they have the ability to coat their bodies in a metallic secretion.
    - Ancient Zoidians
    - Planet Zi's plants

The State of Planet Zi in ZAC 2000

    ● Living Wild Zoids are mostly beast-types.
    ● A small portion of dinosaur-types have survived
    ● The majority of Zoids have been made artificial and enlarged through the work of humans.

    An even mix of plants endemic to Planet Zi and plants from Earth brought by the Globally III.

    ● The abilities and characteristics from Ancient Zoidian times have been lost.
    ● Interbreeding with Earthlings is underway.

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     001: Evolution of Life on Planet Zi
     002 ~ 004: Planet Zi
     005 ~ 007: Metal Lifeforms
     008 ~ 010: Wild Zoids
     011 ~ 013: Ancient Zoidians
     014 ~ 018: The Age of Intertribal Conflict
     019 ~ 023: The Age of the War of the Two Tribes
     024 ~ 028: The Age of Tribal Unification
     029: Outbreak of the Central Continent War
     030 ~ 033: Arrival of Earthlings
     034 ~ 035: The Age of the Central Continent War

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