- Kei Isurugi

* Character Information
Name: Kei Itsurugi
Primarily Featured: Zoids Battle Card Game
Military Allegiance: Republican Army
Occupation: Major of the Information Bureau
Primary Zoid: Blade Liger KS

    Kei Isurugi is a Major of the Helic Republic, working for the Information Bureau. Her character was designed by Michiro Ueyama for the third volume of the Battle Card Game. Very little is known about her outside of her pilot card.

    She was known to pilot the Blade Liger KS and would frequently travel under the cover of night to do surveillance and gain information on enemy units. She was sent on a mission by the Republic to request information about their counter attack plans from an associated Republican Base, but along the way she ran into Barrett Gatter who was driving the prototype Lightning Saix, and was run down by his unit. What happened in the battle is never stated so her fate is unknown.

    Originally Ueyama noted that she would be a lieutenant. This must've been changed, or her rank was changed for unnoted reasons later on.

Zoid Note:

    Kei's Zoid is the Blade Liger BS, a black Blade Liger designed for night combat. While the Zoid appears to have basic Blade Liger stats no information is given about any additional systems that may make it for geared towards night time combat.

- Appearances in Media:

    Book Media: Zoids Note Book Vol. 1

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game Vol. 3: Republic Faction