- Zoids Graphics: Volume 01

    Volume 01 of the Zoids Graphics features information on the conceptual progress for Konig Wolf and Liger Zero X. It goes on to explain features that were thought out and those that never quite made it to completion. The page is originally set up with four 'segments' in one big fold out page but the individual parts are further split up to allow images to have more detail.

- Zoids Graphics: Republic Zoid RZ-053 Konig Wolf

    Near the place on the Dark Continent entrance bay base that asembled the Mad Thunder, a new Zoid was developed based on a giant wolf-type wild beast captured on the Western continent. It possesses the power and mobility to rival the Liger Zero but the basic structure and combat system were converted from the Command Wolf. That's why it's easy for it to get abnormally hot without much control of the power, and a cooling fan had to be equipped to its back.

    However in grappling fights and high-sped fights, it can demonstrate immense fighting strength with that power. Especially with "Electric Fanger" which concentrates all of the electromagnetic energy in its body to its fangs and can crunch enemies with gargantuan destructive force. However, it can't use it multiple times because it's possible that it might stop functioning temporarily due to overheating.

    They were released in actual battle in this unstable condition to advance the invasion strategy of the Dark Continent and the surprise attack of the "X". They exhibited sufficient fighting strength at this time but if the basic structure and system are improved and it's returned to its original larger form the abilities of the fuselage could be upgraded even more.

- Zoids Graphics: Imperial Zoid EZ-054 Liger Zero X

    The Liger Zero developed by the Imperial Army is a new generation of Zoid. It was developed by taking advantage of the knowledge cultivated from the battle data of the previous liger types, the Death Stinger and the Elephander.

    With the use of the "CAS (Changing Armor System", which replaces equipment for each duty, it was created as a miraculous Zoid with combined strength in localized battles and flexibility that the liger types up to then couldn't compare with. However, the Republic army seized the Nixie Base on the Western Continent, the place they were being developed at, and the Imperial army bared their fangs. The Imperial army was barely able to recover it from the Nixie base and the Liger Zero was completed based on a single wild beast. At the same time, the "X" unit developed for the surprise attack was developed based on the data of the Republic army's CAS unit. However, the "X" unit, having combined gun fighting capabilities and grappling abilities besides it's high stealth efficiency, was released into battle in an incomplete state because the Republic army invaded quicker than expected.

    The "Electron Driver" on its back is a powerful electromagnetic gun which concentrates electricity on one point and, moreover, it can also use "Stun Blades" developed on its left and right side, which are high-voltage swords for grappling fights that short-circut opponents and prevent them from moving. These compound weapons made use of the knowledge gained at the time from the development of the Berserk Furher. It can deal with the changing battle situations by compounding. On the other hand, with high cost and complicated operation and the like, it had its merits but its greatest success in battles depended on the way it fought. Therefor, it's unique fuselage was only given to ace pilots.

- Konig Wolf Activity Scene/Technical Data

    Having power and mobility that even rivals the Liger Zero, the Konig Wolf has the fatal technique of crunching enemies with Electric Fanger. The violence of the wolf type wild Zoid its based off of can clearly be seen from more than just its power. In order to protect the Mad Thunder from the X'es, the Konig Wolf rolled into action.

    Overall Length: 21.24 m
    Highest Point: 8.64 m
    Weight: 90.5 t
    Maximum Speed: 290.0 km/h

    Electron Bite Fangs
    Electron Strike Claws x4
    Headgear x1
    (Night vision camera * Precision fire dual scope)
    Double-barreled Multi-discharger x2

    The double-barreled multi-discharger is movable
    The cockpit opens and closes
    The fan under it rotates

- Liger Zero X Activity Scene/Technical Data

    Liger Zero X is a Zoid that can do every electromagnetic attack. It's rich in form variations but it's also complicated to operate. Pilots gifted with this dark king of beasts should be proud, they will battle at a high level.

    Overall Length: 24.0 m
    Highest Point: 9.8 m
    Weight: 115.0 t
    Maximum Speed: 315.0 km/h

    Static Gnerator
    Cutter Fairing x2
    * Other Equipment
    CAS (Changing Armor System)
    Optical Camouflage (Active Stealth)
    Chaff Dispenser x4
    Electron Driver
    Cool Fins x4 set
    Object Blade Sensor x4
    Drum Condenser
    Ground Unit
    Stun Blades (Expand on left and right sides)
    Electron Driver (Expands forward)

    Drum condensers rotate
    Shoulder covers open and close
    Cockpit opens and closes

- Side Of Republic: Konig Wolf

    Konig Wolf
    A sketch of the Konig Wolf which was advancing in development as a type of evolved Command Wolf. As seen from the completeness of the sketch, it seems the plans have progressed quite concretely. However, when compared with the below final sketch there is one part to notice. If it was human, it would be how to handle the power pipes good for the blood vessels. If you look at the pipes extending from the shoulders to the legs, they're bare in the initial phase, but in the final plans the security of the fuselage was taken into account and they aren't exposed to the outside.
     It can't be seen from this angle but at the time of development only the frame needed to be sketched out. Although it's an initial sketch, it's shape had already been roughly determined by this time.

    Head Armor
    The Sniper Scope and headgear were designed separately but, in the end, it was settled that the scope would be stored inside the headgear. It's a little regrettable but the gimmick to make it slide and mount the scope are described in the sketch directly to the right.

    This is almost like the final design. Customized parts such as the Sniper Rifle aimed reliably by using it along with the Sniper Scope and missile pods were simultaneously developed, and it was very sufficiently capable. The development of the Konig Wolf was advanced in this way.

    This is the birth of the Republic army's high-speed combat Zoid, the RZ-053 Konig Wolf.

- Side of Empire: X Unit

    Part of the initial dsign for the Liger Zero X. The sketch gives it the feel that it's a Zoid with electric attacks. You can see the various forms it took by the time it came to the modern X.

    By looking at the various step by step sketch files they would seem vary but the Electron Driver was a noted feature from the start. Traces of the investigation can confirm it.

    Because the X unit is based on the data of the Republic army's CAS unit, it seems to have the strange abilities of the Republic army's CAS unit.

     Of the sketches this Liger Zero X is unique. What kind of electric attack did the bold fairing design enable?

    In the fairing sktch the gimmicks are explained in detail. It seems the development of the area around the cockpit was especially carefully improved.

    This is the final design of the Liger Zero X. The last sketch of the X revised the fairing on the head and completed it. It seems that just before it was completed a fairing gimmick near the cockpit was suggested. It seemed to be part of the Electron Driver. The legs were revised again to expand the armor. The Liger Zero X was developed so that every electric attack was possible.

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