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- Zoids CC Manga Chapter 13.5 Update!

 It has been a long time since we posted the first 10 pages of Chapter 13.5, a story that takes place in between Van defeating the Geno Saurer and departing Porto. The chapter was originally released as part of Corocoro. Finally, the remainder of this chapter is available to read! Translations are by Falcarius, so a huge thanks for helping us complete it~

Site Chaotic Century Manga Books2022-08-30 05:33:29

- Chaotic Century Manga Artwork Roughs!

 Manga artist Ueyama posted sketches of the beautiful artwork used in the CC Manga's recent re-release! It's always so cool to see early-stage WIPs of artist's work.

Official Chaotic Century Manga2022-01-09 00:08:35

- Part 1 of CC Manga Chapter 13.5!

 We've added the first part of the extra Chaotic Century chapter that featured in CoroCoro Aniki! In this part of the chapter, Van and Irvine face off in some basic training. We're actively working on the second half of the chapter and will have it to you as soon as possible. There are big plans for expansions to the CC section!

Site Chaotic Century Manga2020-12-08 16:04:11

Zoids Chaotic Century Manga Returns!  [Site]

 After a long wait we have readded Chaotic Century to the manga section! This down time was extended due to the sudden release of the digital books, but it has been quite some time since then. I appreciate everyone's patience while the manga was down. I know many people have a great deal of interest in this series, but are unable to read Japanese. If you are interested in owning physical copies of the books (in Japanese), please consider purchasing! It is available on AmazonJP and many other stories that handle printed media. If you can't find it, please use our contact page and I would be happy to help you locate a physical copy of the book!

Site Chaotic Century Manga2020-02-17 22:58:44

Zoids CC Manga Digital E Book!  [Official]

 The recent reissue of the Chaotic Century manga is now for sale on Amazon JP as an Ebook. Unfortunately, it seems you need to be a resident of Japan mostly to easily obtain this book. The book contains a large chunk of concept art (scroll through thread) for various characters, including quite a few pieces that have never been published before. Ueyama also drew some art of Jo and Sally.

Official Chaotic Century Manga Books2020-01-11 23:02:59

Zoids CC Manga!   [Official]

    With Vol. 3 released, the twitter acc has posted some of the Battle Card Game art. The third volume included this, art from the Zoids Core Box, and a special new chapter that was released earlier this year in CoroCoro Aniki. The manga artist, Ueyama also posted a Zoid Girl drawing of Liger Zero Caesar.

Official Chaotic Century Manga2019-10-17 01:00:00

CC Manga Reprint News!   [Official]

    Some new details have surfaced about the Chaotic Century manga. In particular, Ueyama's tweets regarding why old fans won't be unhappy about purchasing the new release! He also drew a cute picture of Fine and Sally, from Zoids Wild Zero!

    #1: Volume 3 will include the brand new chapter "The Storm of Port Town", which was featured in CoroCoro Aniki earlier this year. This chapter was not part of the original publication.

    #2: The end of the volume will include color illustrations from the Battle Card Game as well as the Zoid Core Box, printed in high quality.

    #3: The cover features a full color illustration of Liger Zero Caesar the King! This is the first color illustration since it first appeared in 2001.

    #4: Because of the greater width of the book, pages now have a further cut off point. This means you'll see more details from the original artwork, as well as losing less to the page gutter. The comic is also printed in sharper detail.

Official Chaotic Century Manga2019-10-06 01:00:00

Zoids CC Manga Vol. 3 Update!   [Official]

    Some info has dropped for Volume 3 of the Chaotic Century manga rerelease. It will include illustrations seen earlier in the Zoids Core Box, as well as in the Zoids Battle Card Game. We saw some of this artwork on Ueyama's old website, but it'll be interesting to see if there's any new, unobscured artwork!

Official Chaotic Century Manga2019-09-14 11:00:00

Zoids CC Manga Reprint Updates!   [Official]

    The covers for the Chaotic Century second and third reprint volumes have been published! Volume 2 features an awesome rendering of the Geno Saurer. It's a unique look at the Zoid, with purple energy radiating from the vents. Volume 2 will also include several extras, including an interview with Michirou Ueyama, answering various questions about the manga, such as why Irvine pilots a Stealth Viper instead of a Command Wolf, and why Zoids of Planet Zi have nicknames. There will also be brand new character concept sketches which have never before been published, such as sketches for Schwarz. A small bonus comic, which was originally published in the appendix for CoroCoro Comic November 2000 issue will be added to the volume, along with the relevant color images that were originally posted in CoroCoro.

    Volume 3 features a beautiful rendition of Liger Zero Caesar The King. This is our first official print of Caesar's colors, which seem to be a nice in between of the old Zoid Girl art drawn by Ueyama in the 2000s and the concept art posted more recently on his twitter. We're not yet sure what extras Volume 3 will include, but CoroCoro made an interesting note that Caesar can fly...! Along with having an unparalleled E-Shield and strong blades. I guess he does have a lot of hang time in the comic, but always just assumed it was fancy jumping and comic physics!

Official Chaotic Century Manga2019-08-26 06:00:00

Zoids Chaotic Century Manga News!  [Official]

    The Chaotic Century Manga now has a Volume 1 cover! This features all new art from Ueyama. An article by CoroCoro details a bit of the first volume, including the cover, some of the art seen inside, and the new concept art! The first volume will be released on July 12th. Volume 2 on September 12th, and Volume 3 has received a release date of October 11th!

    In other news, there's now a twitter (Sin Kiju Zoids) dedicated specifically to this release. They've posted a few pictures of the WIP, including character sketches, page previews, color art, and clean manga images.

Official Chaotic Century Manga2019-06-25 05:00:00

Zoids CC Manga Reprint!  [Official]

    Ueyama & CoroCoro have recently announced that the Chaotic Century manga will be reprinted in 3 large volumes! These volumes will include the original manga (not the EX doujins). There will also be extras including character sketches, additional stories, and some color images that were originally printed in CoroCoro during its original serialization. English fans may have seen quite a few of these color images in the form of cover art for the Viz release. The first of the three volumes will be released on July 12th. The other two release dates remain to be announced.

    Out of respect for the manga artist, who is my favorite Zoids manga artist, I've made the decision to remove the Chaotic Century manga from the website for the time being. I want comic sales to thrive as much as possible, and having the manga hosted here could be a detriment to that. I hope everyone will understand, and I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. While yes, we do have other manga up, almost all of it is out of print, from magazines difficult to obtain overseas, or already provided by free (in the case of Zoids Wild.) Stores like CDJapan will likely carry the new Chaotic Century reprint, so I strongly encourage fans of the manga to pick up a copy!

Official Chaotic Century Manga Books2019-04-29 10:00:00

Manga Updates!  [Official]

    The manga section has received a fairly significant feature: A proper manga reader! Thanks to a good friend who was able to assist with this feature, you can now browse by chapter and page. Clicking the center button will still take you back to that manga's section, and like before, you can browse the manga by simply clicking on the image. All standard format mangas on the site have been moved to this new reader.

    (As a side note, the links leading to Zoids: Field of Rebellion, Chapter 4, and Zoids Wild: Chapter 3 were broken. This has been fixed.)

Zoids Chaotic Century Overall!

    The Chaotic Century section has received a huge overhaul. The condition of our scans was absolutey deplorable, to an extent that some pages couldn't even be read. The entire manga has been rescanned and spruced up! There shouldn't be any more blurry pages at all. All covers of the manga have been cleaned up to have much crisper art. The exception is volume 8, which we weren't able to get good scans of. Apologies.

    Another notable change is that all double page spreads in the manga have been patched together. While these aren't always perfect, ugly gutter shadows are a thing of the past!

Zoids Chaotic Century Update!

    After a long, long wait, Chapters 28 ~ 29 of the Chaotic Century manga are finally up! I want to thank everyone for being so patient with this. When I got news about the manga reader I wanted to get it finished and ready to launch before updating anything else on the site, so what was supposed to be a shorter wait between chapters turned out to be a long one. I hope with the new Zoids appearing in these 2 chapters, that the time and care put into them will make it worth the wait.

    Nevertheless, this concludes the entirety of the core Chaotic Century manga. It was an amazing manga, and I hope you enjoy it. We'll have some minor updates like extras coming soon.

Zoids Planet Zi Update!

    CC isn't the only manga to receive an update! Chapter 8 of Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest has been added. This is the first chapter of the second volume. With CC concluded this'll be our main manga project. Beware, though. If you're not a fan of Zoids Fuzors, this chapter is going to pinch a little!

Zoids CC Manga Update!  [Site]

    I want to start off by saying thank you to the several people who offered to provide scans for this chapter. I know it took an obscene amount of time to actually get uploaded, but we now have the first chapter of Volume 14! The final chapter will not be far off, and after that, the CC section will be complete. Thank you for your patience and loyalty to this beautiful manga. It's one of my favorites for sure.

Site Chaotic Century Manga2018-09-08 03:00:00

Zoids CC Manga Update!  [Site]

    We're still working on organizing our old projects and figuring out where everything was at, so site updates will be relatively small in the mean time. Steady as they go.

    For now we've finished adding the rest of the pages for Vol. 13 of the Chaotic Century manga. This includes the conclusion to the battle against the Red Schneider and Deep Blue Jager!

Site Chaotic Century Manga Books2016-10-05 06:00:00

Chaotic Century Manga Update!  [Site]

    Nothing like a new Wonder Festival to pull us from perpetual laziness! Well, two weeks late, but you get the idea. We're back to post a couple small updates and catalog the news! Some sections like articles and games are falling behind; we hope to fix that here before too long but the Material Hunters access issue has yet to be resolved without losing game data. I'll try and figure that out some other time.

    Moving on, first we have an update from Chaotic Century manga! The final half of the first chapter in Volume 13. This includes pages 17 and up, sorry it's not more noticeable on the page!

Site Chaotic Century Manga Books2015-08-07 06:00:00

Zoids CC Manga Update!  [Site]

    Its been a while since we updated the Zoids: Chaotic Century manga, so here it is! This volume kind of goes off on its own tangent but we'll be trying to continue adding micro updates (10-15 pages at a time.) This will be a bit slower than the previous 1 chapter per update but will hopefully mean more frequent updates than before.

Site Chaotic Century Manga Books2015-04-24 05:00:00

Chaotic Century Manga Update!  [Site]

    Still alive! Still got a pulse. We've updated the Chaotic Century Manga section with Chapter 24, the second half of Volume 12. This chapter features the naked Liger Zero in action on the battle field! And some rather underhanded tricks on part of Hannah to ensure the victory of her Death Stinger.

    We'll be working to resolve Chaotic Century soon, hopefully with more conviction than last time. We know this is one of the main things people wait for in updates, and apologize that it has taken so long.

Site Chaotic Century Manga2014-09-02 06:00:00

Chaotic Century Manga Update!  [Site]

    Zoids Chaotic Century Chapter 23 has been added to the Manga section! I'll try to catch up some character and Zoid profiles before too long. I'd also like to note that to make the process of adding the rest of this manga easier we're only going to be adding it one chapter at a time. Chapter 24 will be coming soon, so don't worry about the half volume that it is now!

Site Chaotic Century Manga2014-07-02 03:00:00

Chaotic Century Manga Update!  [Site]

    The Zoids Chaotic Century manga directory has been updated with Volume 11. I personally find this to be a very interesting volume because of its explanation of the berserker system, the implication of illegal technology and the way it is used on the battlefield. It really gives a lot of depth to the creation of this wicked Zoid.

Site Chaotic Century Manga2014-02-06 03:00:00

Chaotic Century Manga Update!  [Site]

    (In case anyone missed it we posted another update just a day or so ago). The Zoids Chaotic Century manga directory has been updated with Volume 10 of the Viz Manga. This features Hannah, one of Prozen's soldiers, trying to stir up some trouble in the already-tense border between the two governing factions. This just leaves four more books to update before the CC section is entirely complete!

    To be honest we will probably move on to book media after CC and Zoids SS. They will be our primary focus, but we'd still like to have the occasional manga update. Chances are that manga will continue to be the web comic presented in video format.

Site Chaotic Century Manga2014-01-24 04:00:00

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