- Yuji Kaida Release

 This model kit subset, known by the fan-dubbed name of the Yuji Kaida series were new spins on existing model kits. Their box art was drawn by famous kaiju artist, Yuji Kaida. Their stories were teasers for the at-the-time Zoids Delusional War Record web comic series. However, after these comics came to a close, the series kept going for a short while. They used extremely thin boxes, so if having them shipped make sure that they are handled with care. It is easy for them to be damaged during shipment.

- Yuji Kaida Lineup

Gojulas Mariner
Molga Rokurou Special
Iron Kong Yeti
Green Horn
Blade Liger Mirage
Buster Tortoise
Sturm Tyrann
Raven Raptor
Cannoneer Gordos
Fire Fox
Salamander Bombvern
Saint Gale
Death Stinger ZS
Shadow Arm Lizards

- Yuji Kaida List

Yuji Kaida Zoids
    - Blade Liger Mirage
    - Buster Tortoise
    - Cannoneer Gordos
    - Death Stinger ZS
    - Fire Fox
    - Gojulas Mariner
    - Green Horn
    - Iron Kong Yeti
    - Raven Raptor
    - Saint Gale
    - Salamander Bombvern
    - Shadow Arm Lizard
    - Sturm Tyrann