- Yuji Kaida: Molga Rokurou Special

- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 02
Released: Sep 14th, 2002
Cost: 1200 Yen
 20mm Gatling Gun x4
 3D Radar Antenna
 Anti-Zoid 2-Shot Missile (Stored Internally)
 AZ 120mm Grind Cannon
 Laser Cutter
- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Excerpt from Story 03: Chicken Race

 When the main forces of the Imperial Army had already withdrawn to the Dark Continent, there was one transport unit that was left behind. It was also known as the Molga Express. No matter what the situation was, they'd respond to logistical needs by making full use of the Molga's ability to bulldoze its way through. The leader of the unit was Major Jasz Noguchi.

 On the last day of the withdrawal of the Imperial troops...

"I want you to transport these chimera cores to the southern tip of the western continent."

 The Major accepts this order, and as they reach the end of the mountain pass, the group encounters a Gojulas Giga in the testing phase.

 If they slam on the brakes, they'll fall prey to the Gojulas Giga, and if they steer the wrong way, they'll fall to the bottom of the valley! The Gojulas Giga chases after them like its gone insane! They're right on the edge of the cliff! Now! The Molga makes an emergency braking maneuver. That's when it happens! The Gojulas Giga passes right by the Molga and falls over the cliff!

 The Molga Express managed to reach its destination: the southern tip of the western continent. This Molga was the Rokurou Special.

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