- Yuji Kaida: Death Stinger ZS

- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 13
Released: Apr 8th, 2004
Cost: 3980 Yen
 AZ 35mm Vulcan Gun x4
 AZ 120mm Hyper Beam Gun x2
 AZ 120mm Hyper Laser Gun x2
 AZ 930mm 2-Barrelled Shock Gun
 Charged Particle Gun
 E Shield Generator
 Laser Cutter x2
 Laser Fang x2
 Retractable AZ 105mm Linear Cannon x2
 Rocket Booster x2
 Strike Laser Bite Scissors

- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Story 13: The Cursed Island

 The cursed island of Nikaidos was the site of the final decisive battle between the Helic Republic and the Zenebas Empire in the old Central Continent War, where the Zenebas Empire was destroyed and the war between the Helic Republic and the Guylos Empire began. On this island, a scientist named Zalca, the Ghost of Zenebas, was working madly to strengthen and remodel Zoids. Zalca's goal was to bring the hammer down on the continent, intent to make his research known and recognized on Planet Zi.

 Unlike the original Death Stinger, which turned into a demon that operated on its own instincts and will, and even self-propogated, this Death Stinger ZS was the strongest and most operable, created by using Zalca's technology to apply an accurate limiter to the Zoids core.

"Let's collect some data!"

 Regardless of how he does things, Zalca is said to be one of the best Zoids scientists on Planet Zi.

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