- Yuji Kaida: Salamander Bombvern

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- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 11
Released: Nov 27th, 2003
Cost: 3980 Yen
 2-Barrelled Anti-Air Hyper Laser Gun x2
 AZ High-Temperature Flamethrower x1
 Long Range Buster Cannon x2
 Magnesser Falcon Wing x2
 Multi-Blade Radar x2
 Small-Calibre Anti-Air Laser x2
 Vulcan Phalanx x2

- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Excerpt from Story 11: Aesthetics of Han

 Salamander Bombvern: Gogo Satie, a master long-range shooter, was so good with his Gojulas Cannon that he even equipped it to his Salamander, known as the King of the Skies.

"With this Gojulas Cannon, I don't need any other weapons!" was Gogo's favorite phrase.

 His style of combat, which involved shooting from ultra-high altitudes unexpectedly yielded great results in actual combat. Because of that, it attracted the attention of the Republic's Air Force, which respectfully referred to the Salamander as the "Explosive Dragon: Salamander Bombvern." A few years later, Gogo's aerial combat style was inherited by the BLOX Buster Eagle, which was developed at the same time as the Gojulas Giga. Then, on the day of Gogo's retirement as a pilot, an incident occurred...

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