- Yuji Kaida: Shadow Arm Lizards

- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 14
Released: Apr 8th, 2004
Cost: 3980 Yen
 AZ Handgun x2
 Beam Launcher
 Bite Fangs
 Missile Launcher
 Strike Claw x4
 Zan Blade

 Signature Move: Crash Break

- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Excerpt from Story 06:

 The Shadow Arm Lizards, or S.A.L. is a machine piloted by the Isurugi brothers, members of the Republic's Intelligence Department. Its entire body has been modified with stealth armor, and its main equipment is a beam launcher capable of long-range destructive action. The Isurugi family has long been active as leaders of the Republic's covert forces. The older brother, Aki Isurugi, is mainly in charge of piloting, while his younger brother, Hiro Isurugi, is in charge of bombardments. They have a transformable fighting style that allows them to easily changemize (reconfigure and modify) according to the combat situation.

 The Isurugi brothers' mission this time is to investigate scientists conducting discredited Zoids research on Nikaidos Island. After sending out several teams of investigators, none of whom have returned, the Isurugi brothers were selected for this special mission. There's no fortress that the brothers can't get into! So, can they accomplish this mission?

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