- Yuji Kaida: Gojulas Mariner

- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 01
Released: Sep 14th, 2002
Cost: 3980 Yen
 70mm 2-Barrel Heavy Machine Gun x2
 AMD 30mm 2-Barrel Beam Cannon x2
 ARZ 20mm Beam Gun
 AZ 4-barrelled Shock Cannon
 Backpack Attachment
 Crusher Claw x2
 Hyper Bite Fang
 Long Range Buster Cannon x2
 Maxer 30mm Multi-purpose Machine Gun x2
 Panova 20mm Surface-to-Air Beam Cannon x2
 Stabilizer x2
 TRZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun
- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Excerpt from Story 04: Torpedo Dragon King

 There are many variations of the Gojulas. Gojulas Mariner was deployed in the Republican Navy. Its maneuverability in the sea reached a level of agility that would've never been imagined with its land mobility. In July of ZAC 2101, they received a secret order to "Discretely escort a transport ship loaded with supplies from the Central Continent across the Deldaros Sea to Rob Base over on the Western Continent."

 Gojulas Mariner Unit 17, equipped with a Gojulas Cannon, and its pilot Major Gilbert were assigned to this mission. So was a second machine, Gojulas Mariner Unit 18, which was specialized for close-range fighting and was piloted by Captain Hayami. At that time, the air superiority of the voyage was held by the Republican Army, so carrying out the operation would be an easy win.

 However! The Imperial Army would carry out large, relentless attacks. Had this information been leaked? About what was in the shipment?

 ... The formation of Wardicks and Sinkers were held off by the Gojulas Mariners. However, the transport ship they were escorting was also hit, and a terrifying silhouette peeked through the cracks...

 The identity of the cargo was a new, slumbering Zoid.

 The Imperial Army's attack continued, an assault carried out by Death Stingers. The two Gojulas Mariners were fighting hard, and the Death Stingers were trying to destroy the transport ship, but all was not well.

Just then...! A set of giant jaws emerged from the transport ship. The battle carried out by the Gojulas Mariners had ignited the fighting instincts of the new Zoid, and awakened it from its slumber.

 Will the Gojulas Mariner's escort mission be completed? What is the identity of the new Zoid?

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