- Yuji Kaida: Green Horn

- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 05
Released: Dec 26th, 2002
Cost: 2500 Yen
 80mm Ground-To-Air 2-Barrelled Beam Gun
 AEZ 20mm Beam Gun x2
 Anti-Zoid 3-Barrelled Linear Cannon
 All-Weather 3D Radar Antenna x4
 Crusher Horn
 Ground-To-Ground Missile Pod
 High-Pressure Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Spray Gun
 Infrared Laser Searcher
 TEZ 20mm Linear Laser Gun x2

- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Excerpt from Story 05: The Dark-Green Shield

 Red Horn... the "Moving Fortress" developed by the former Zenebas Empire. Despite its robust performance, its total weight was 94 tons, which at only two tons heavier, was light compared to the Shield Liger. It seemed that there were many secrets used to achieve both hard armor and light weight, besides materials and structure. In the Guylos Empire, it was also used as the Dark Horn, with armament and mobility enhancements. And what about the Republic version...?

 In ZAC 2046, the capital of Helic had fallen to the Death Saurer and the Republican Army was waging battle through guerrilla warfare in various parts of the country. Two Republican Army special operatives captured a green Red Horn from the Empire and fled. The Imperial Army relentlessly pursued the stolen Red Horn, and even went so far as to deploy a Death Saurer.

"Why? Why is such a large force being sent after just two stollen Zoids...?"

 In fact, the green Red Horns (Green Horns) contained a secret that threatened the existence of the Empire's most powerful weapon!

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