- Yuji Kaida: Raven Raptor

- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 08
Released: May 29th, 2003
 Counter Scythe x2
 Killer Fangs
 Hyper Claw x2
 Ion Charger
 Pile Bunker Unit
 Strike Haken Claw x2
- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Excerpt from Story 08: Red Future, Black Past

 The year is 2103 ZAC. Since the founding of the Neo-Zenebas Empire, the power structure of Planet Zi has taken on a complicated aspect.

 Having caught wind of the Republican Forces remaining in the Western Continent region, Commander Heinkel Cerbera, the Black Knight of Guylos, went out to the area in his Raven Raptor. However, what he countered there was not Republican Troops, but Neo-Zenebas Troops.

"Is this a trap?"

 The enemy was a young ace though, the Red Gale, Karl Windsor of Neo Zenebas. There was no shortage of opponents. As the fierce battle between the two unfolded, the shadow of a giant Zoid appeared...

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