- Yuji Kaida: Fire Fox

Image courtesy of Falcarius~
- Basic Info

Release Info:
Yuji Kaida Kit: 10
Released: Aug 28th, 2003
Cost: 1580 Yen
 3D Radar & Multi-Sensor x2
 Anchor x4
 AZ 30mm Armor-Piercing Laser Vulcan
 AZ 70mm Electromagnetic Net Gun
 Electron Bite Fangs
 Shoulder Weapon Rack
 Smoke Discharger x4
 Strike Laser Claw x4

- Zoids Delusional War Record

- Story 10: The Red Devil

Fire Fox... An improved Shadow Fox that was planned to be deployed to the Republic Army's Ray Force Angels. The almighty Shadow Fox was equipped with special equipment and a brainwave control system, allowing it to perform even more specialized operations. Only nine units were produced, one of which was called Ninetails (nine-tailed fox) and was equipped with the equipment of the other eight units as well as an additional special equipment item of its own. The other eight were each equipped with special equipment. It was developed with the goal of combined attacks with the Cannoneer Gordos, but was stolen by an Empire Army intelligence force and deployed to the Empire Army's Red Illusion Force, led by Angel Hikita.

 Heavy Artillery fire rained down on the Imperial Army's Assault Force. The counterattack by the remaining Republican forces had begun. The Imperial Army's Assault Force retreated. However, the red Shadow Foxes evaded the fire and attacked the remaining Republican troops...

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* Image courtesy of Falcarius!

- Fire Fox Review

- First Impressions

 Fire Fox is another installment in the Yuji Kaida series but more importantly, it was the only recolor ever released of the Shadow Fox until the Zoids Original line, many, many years later. This with its striking appearance made it the prime candidate for re-releases of future adaptions to the Zoid, such as HMM. The absolutely gorgeous box art of the Yuji Kaida kits is also a huge selling point. I do wish they came in stronger boxes, though. The cardboard is roughly the thickness of an HMM box. Very flimsy and hard to find in good condition nowadays.

 Now the problem here is that Fire Fox's unique color scheme has also made it a vulnerability. The dark yellow plastic is a unique color, and the treatment to make it such a color has made it brittle with age. Pieces will practically fall off of the sprue without provocation, or crumble in your hands, depending on how its been stored over the years. Many of the pegs on the guns, paw pieces, etc., will shatter when being put onto the Zoid. If you get one, I recommend building it as soon as possible.

Brittle Plastic Syndrome

 Fire Fox is one of those NJR kits that suffers from extremely brittle plastic. In this case, the dark gold. You can see in the images below (indicated by green) where some of this damage happened on mine. The right side bar had the entire peg snap off. This usually helps to hold on the leg, so he can no longer wall properly. The paws should have 2 straight lines on the sides where the silver paw armor slots into. The back plate has snapped off in places, so the armor can only balance on top of the foot. Unpictured, almost every peg on the Laser Vulcan Gun broke. I think it's held on by like... two.


 - Incredibly rich color scheme with a unique color of pastel cap
 - Many movable parts and weapon interchangeability
 - Beautiful box art

 - Extremely brittle plastic (dark yellow pieces)
 - Bad scarring on painted parts
 - Suffers the Shadow Fox Snoot Curse (muzzle pieces don't stay together unless cockpit is closed)

- Gallery

- Box & Inserts

- Gimmicks


 The cockpit flips open to reveal the pilot. A big problem with the Fire Fox (and Shadow Fox, for that matter) is that the cockpit is painted. This means that scarring shows badly, and because both are slightly sparkly, it's also hard to color match. Once you flip it open, the control console for the Zoid can also be extended upwards, similar to a Command Wolf. Unfortunately the nose pieces don't stay closed if the cockpit is open.


 The Firefox's jaws open, showing off its tiny little teeth.


 This may not technically be an intentional gimmick, but because Shadow Fox's ears attach on pegs, they can rotate! You can see in the second image that they slide backwards, just a bit, although this will pull them slightly out of the socket. You can even tilt them slightly different directions for that typical attentive, but cautious 'fox' look.


 In addition to the ears, Shadow Fox is one of the earlier Zoids to incorporate a slightly more articulated head! It swivels just slightly from side to side, and can move up and down where the head connects to the neck.


 The neck can move up and down to a small degree as well.

Laser Vulcan Gun:

 Shadow Fox is known for its Laser Vulcan Gun and Multi Weapon Rack, which allows it to equip a large variety of weapons. You can see this weapon has quite a lot of articulation. It tips backwards at the base, and where the red section connects. A bar in the front props the weapon up, and you can swivel it to the side where the red part connects. There are two wheels on the side of the gun, and if you spin these, the Vulcan barrels spin, too! I'm particularly fond of this feature because it's rare to see a gear-based manual feature.


 The tail moves up and down on a ratchet joint. I almost wish it was a basic hinge so that you could have a bit more freedom with the position, but it's fine either way. It has three positions.

Electromagnetic Net Gun:

 The bottom of the tail opens up to reveal the Net Gun. Now, because these two pieces are molded in dark yellow expect them to be extremely fragile. The Net Gun missile is supposed to double as a wind up key to turn the spring motor (the socket on the right side), but when it's as fragile as this I don't know that I'd recommend you use it for that purpose. It might be better to use a flathead screwdriver or something.