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- Zoids Battle Story: Chapter 2

- At The End of the Western Continent War...

ZAC 2100, October   |  Northern Europa   |  Imperial Army's "Nixie Base"

The Republican Army chased the Imperial Army down with bombardments from the Destroyer Corps. The final battle of the Western Continent War, the battle to capture Nixie Base, has begun.

"Destroy the remaining Imperial troops!" A large army from the Republic charged into Nixie base under the orders of HQ.

 Your mission for this withdrawal operation is to transport that small Zoid. You're to carry out your mission with the utmost priority and secrecy.

 All right, Wolff? You must not forget that the last 50 years of your people's long-lasting misery rests on this "missing piece."

(From Imperial Regent Gunther Prozen's cryptic directive.)

 In the midst of the clamor, a battalion of Elephanders sortied. The bellows of 100 of the most advanced, heavily armored Zoids were so heroic that they could make you quiver. But there was no hope for them to return alive. They would become the shields. The shields that bought time for the main force to scatter and retreat...

 ZAC 2100, October. The battle for the western continent of Europa was entering its final phase. The Republic's Destroyer Corps, led by the Ultra Saurus had broken through the Empire's defensive lines. They had begun bombarding Nixie Base, the most important base of the Imperial Army. The Destroyer Corps were made up entirely of reinforced and modified Zoids. The power of the Ultra's 1200mm Ultra Cannon was tremendous, and the main facilities of the base, including its command center were completely destroyed.

A suicide squad sortied. They were given heavily armored state-of-the-art Zoids, the Elephanders.
 There were still tens of thousands of Imperial Zoids inside Nixie base, which had escaped outside, or into underground hangars. However, most of them were damaged, and the chain of command had broken down. The Imperial Forces were no longer capable of defending the base from the Republic's battalions. At this point, the Imperial General Headquarters, over on their homeland, finally decided to issue a command for total withdrawal from Europa. They planned to bring the remaining troops home. However, they needed time to load the remaining troops onto their transport fleet. Someone had to act as a shield to hold the Republican forces back until they could escape.

 That "someone" was quickly decided. It would be the soldiers of the former Zenebas Empire. Ever since their Empire had been absorbed into the Guylos Empire fifty years ago, it had been the role of the Zenebas Soldiers to be used as pawns.

 They were given less than 500 Zoids, including the Elephanders. On the other hand, the incoming Republic forces consisted of five divisions (with about 5,000 combat Zoids) in the first wave alone. It was a desperate battle. Nevertheless, the morale of the Zenebas soldiers was high. That was because, for them, this battle was not about letting Guylos' soldiers escape.

"For Wolff..."

 The Zenebas soldiers muttered together under their breath. Yes, they were willing to go laughing to their deaths, just to protect that one man.

 Just to protect the man named Wolff Muroa, who they had entrusted with their dreams of rebuilding their great homeland, the Zenebas Empire.

The Imperial Army was silenced by the Ultra, which continued to fire until its barrels had burned.

The main force of the Imperial Army has begun their retreat. Will they be able to escape the Republican forces?

The Elephanders trumpeted at the countless Republican troops. The Republican Assault Force's advance was halted by the appearance of this unexpectedly powerful enemy.

- At The End of the Western Continent War... (2)

In the underground factory of the Nixie Base, Lieutenant Ray Gregg and the Republican Army discovered two new units and a mysterious small Zoid.
— It's getting heated.

 Even though he was aware of it, Ray couldn't control his anger. The fact that he was the head of a platoon of only ten units that he had led to the deepest part of the base was proof of that. All because he'd heard the news.

— Arthur Borgmann is dead.

 That was Crazy Arthur! The news that they'd received that morning, just before setting out was unbelievable. The best Zoid rider ever, Arthur. The man most reviled by the reaper. Even though they were both referred to as Leomasters, Ray knew that there was a clear difference in rank. He was just a soldier, but Arthur saw his talent as a Zoid rider, and had raised him to the rank of lieutenant. Now he was dead. He'd lost his life in a fight with the Death Stinger, the berserker created by the Imperial Army.

— I can't forgive them.

 He thought. The Death Saurer Revival Plan and the OS Plan. The Imperial Army was introducing new models left and right, as if they were just experimenting rather than actually trying to win this war. An experiment for some other purpose. Arthur had died for this ambiguous "something". That was a fact that Ray couldn't forgive.

 Perhaps that was the reason. Ray's target was not a hangar full of Zoids, but the underground factory. Two unfamiliar Zoids stood side by side. Two unfinished machines that hadn't even been armored. The Empire had created yet another experimental machine.

— I won't let them bring these things back!

 With a roar of rage from his beloved Shield Liger DCS-J, Ray was about to lunge at the two experimental machines. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something strange. A Zoid? It was small for a Zoid, about the size of a man. Half of its body was still buried in dirt, as if it had just been dug up from the ruins. What was even more bizarre was that the factory workers seemed to be trying to protect the smaller Zoid rather than the experimental machines.

 — Thud! Suddenly, Ray was hit by a powerful strike from something.

 The dinosaur-type experimental machine unexpectedly started up and stomped the DCS-J. He couldn't believe it. Ray had certainly let his guard down for a moment. In that one moment, the experimental machine moved far beyond the reaction speed of the Leomaster and his favorite Zoid.


 The platoon's men rushed to provide cover while Ray tried to escape.

— "Run! With those Gun Snipers..."

 But before Ray could finish his scream, the Gun Sniper was torn down by the fangs and claws of the experimental machine. Three at the same time. Was it really unfinished? Would there be any Zoid in the Republic that could fight this monster? There were certainly none here. When completed, even the Blade Liger would have no fangs in that fight. If there was any Zoid that could fight it...

 Ray looked back at the other experimental machine.

The tyrannosaurus-type experimental machine, thought to be unfinished, suddenly booted up. In the blink of an eye it buried Ray's beloved Shield Liger DCS-J, and closed in on the Gun Snipers!

In order to counter the terrifying power of the tyrannosaurus, Ray decided to take the other experimental machine, the lion-type.

- At The End of the Western Continent War... (3)

A battle between the two experimental machines built by the Imperial Army had begun. Eventually, the two would face each other during a critical phase of the Dark Continent War.
 It was a miracle in itself that Ray was able to slip under the feet of the tyrannosaurus, dodge the gunfire of the Imperial soldiers, and slip into the cockpit of the lion-type experimental machine. Maybe it was luck. Perhaps it was because they were in the middle of clearing out. The main engine was already fired up. He could start piloting it right away. There were no problems with the controls, which he took hold of for the first time. It used a Saber Tiger's control system, and he'd piloted Sabers many times before, as captured units.

— Go!

 He immediately punched the engine to critical. The monitors lit up. The tyranno's face appeared right in front of him. Its fangs came at him with frightening speed.

— Jump!

 He dodged it just in time. Its reaction speed was astounding.

— Where are my men?

 He looked around warily, but nothing was moving. Are they all dead? No way. Its been less than five minutes! His face turned white. In his anger, he'd taken the lead and involved his own men in this fight. What's more, they had acted as shields, protecting Ray. I'll never forgive myself for this.

 The tyranno lunged at him again. This time, he couldn't dodge it. The impact was strong. He was flipped back and slammed into the wall. The reaction he'd experienced earlier was now so sluggish, he must've imagined it. The tyranno was coming at him again.

— I can do this!

 One moment, Ray was ready to die, and the next moment, he fiercely rejected it. He wasn't qualified to say "I'll avenge my men". Still, he didn't want to forfeit his life to the tyranno. Suddenly, the agility of the unit was once more revived. It dodged the tyrannosaurus with great prowess. It was such a dramatic change, as if Ray's emotions were directly linked to the limitations of this unit.

— Is there really such a machine?

 It wasn't a conventional Zoid whose instincts as a metal lifeform were easily controlled. It wasn't an OS-equipped machine that was forced to run wild, either. These were the original instincts of the wild Zoid, still remaining strong in this experimental machine. It was linked to the pilot's instincts, and thus its reaction speed was increased dramatically.

 Suddenly, the tyranno's jaws opened wide. A horrifying collection of energy particles concentrated in its mouth.

— The Charged Particle Cannon!

 Ray's hairs stood on end. At that moment, the lion lunged in response to Ray's instincts. Its Laser Claws flashed as it charged the tyranno. It was an instant power that Ray had never experienced. The claws swung at the vortex of light from the Particle Cannon. The two Zoids dodged each other by a hair.

 Passing by them, Ray saw the enemy pilot sitting in the exposed cockpit. The face of the man who had buried 10 of his subordinates in an instant. He was a young man. He looked about as old as Ray.

 For some reason, the hatred he expected to feel just didn't come. Perhaps because of the sad look in the other man's eyes. Just like Ray, who had lost his loved ones.

 Suddenly the tyranno turned its back. It was as if he'd seen through Ray's sudden lull in fighting spirit. Then, as he grabbed the small Zoid, he jumped high towards the ceiling.

The tyrannosaurus grabbed the small Zoid. What was the secret behind this Zoid, which the Empire valued more than its experimental units?

- At The End of the Western Continent War... (4)

The lion-type experimental machine was successfully captured by Ray Gregg. However, the tyrannosaurus-type had escaped to a transport ship along with the small mysterious Zoid. When would they meet again?
 The tyranno broke through the ceiling and disappeared into a waiting transport ship. With nothing left to do, Ray watched, feeling a strange sense of déjà vu. He knew a man who had once had the same experience that he was having now. That man was Arthur Borgmann. He'd read about it in the damage report. He had been piloting a Blade Liger, and had fought a Geno Saurer at the Garil Ruins, which had robbed him of the juvenile Death Stinger. It was remarkably similar to his current situation. Eventually, Arthur was killed by that Death Stinger. Perhaps he, too, was destined to be killed by that small Zoid. Or was it that pilot with the sorrowful eyes? It left such an ominous premonition that never left Ray's mind.

 It was five hours later that Nixie Base fell into the hands of the Republic's forces. In the meantime, the Imperial Army's suicide unit had been able to hold off a Republican force that was ten times larger. The Elephander's thick armor and E-Shields repelled every onslaught from their enemies, and they crushed anyone who challenged them to melee combat with fearsome power. Eventually, the Republic's forces brought in heavy artillery units such as the Dibison and Cannon Tortoise, which were equipped with large-calibre Beam Cannons. The Elephanders came under concentrated fire, and one by one, they were shot down. However, by the time they were all gone, the Republic's forces had lost precious time and more than three times as many Zoids to their enemy.

Captain Signer Feuer
 The Imperial Transport Fleet, which had successfully managed to house its main force, flew towards the north. One of their units was the Whale King that carried the experimental tyranno unit. In the officer's quarters, two men were talking.

"Colonel. The pursuit by the Republic's Air Forces was stopped by the Redler suicide squad. I think you can rest easy now."

 The older officer said. It didn't look like a mere report to a superior officer. His posture, on one knee with his eyes closed, it looked like a bow to an emperor.

"Signer," The young officer responded. "the men in the Redlers were also Zenebas soldiers."

 The young officer spoke in a flat voice. Yet, there was still sadness in his eyes. He was the pilot of the experimental tyrannosaurus-type unit.

After successfully withdrawing their main force, the Imperial Army immediately began preparations for the upcoming mainland battle on the Dark Continent.

"Ahh... More importantly, Colonel. You were rather reckless in Nixie, weren't you?"

"I had to be, to protect the little Zoid."

"There's nothing more important to us than you, Your Highness."

 The man known as Signer changed the title by which he referred to his superior. His superior responded with a slight sullenness.

"I know."

 It was also known to Captain Signer Feuer. How his young superior, Wolff Muroa, was saddened by the deaths of his countrymen, who were out there dying for him. He was a pure soul, who felt great remorse if he wasn't also risking his life. Yet that was too dangerous for the heir to the throne. Still, it was undeniable, even to Signer, that it was endlessly preferable.

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