- Machine Beast New Century Core Box!

 In an exciting change of events, Zoids Official has announced a Machine Beast New Century Zoids Core Box! Machine Beast New Century was a term used later in the NJR era model kits, and what this box could contain is anyone's guess. The former Zoid Core Box contained the Zoids Mammoth model kit, a set of the Zoids Battle Story (OJR era books), Avenge of Proitzen book (mostly the story of OFB4 with different stats files), a set of metal pins featuring the Helic, Guylos, and Zenebas insignias, and a series of large print cards called the Zoids Bible, which featured the core lore of the franchise that many people still refer to today. It was quite a collection, and a holy grail of mine for many years (obtained a while back, actually!) Planning for this product has begun.

- Zoids Index Update

 Several new Zoids have been added to the Zoids Index! This includes the Black Rhimos (who was just a placeholder before), Death Stinger, Gojulas The Ogre, Iron Kong PK, Liger Zero Jager, Liger Zero Schneider, and Ultra Saurus. There are also some minor quality updates, such as making page format more consistent, tables less redundant, etc.

 Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer have been updated to use diorama-based imagery, instead of anime imagery, to match the rest of the Index (which focuses on the core lore wherever possible.) Liger Zero and Liger Zero Panzer now also have a military history section, an expanded Media Appearances section, and Panzer has had its concept art fleshed out a bit. Some of the history segments for the Liger Zero series are shared between them, because the CAS units were really more of a side note in the battle story, almost always taking part in the same battles.

Index Site2023-10-16 00:35:35

- Interview with Tokuyama Update

 You can now read Part 4 of the long Interview with Tokuyama! This segment goes into the creation of Zoids Wild, and how certain ideas came to be.

Articles CoroCoro Interviews Site2023-10-16 00:35:18

- Big Zoids Update Status

 The Big Zoids Expo is still going strong! Kotobukiya posted their own review of the event up 'til now, covering many of the exhibits. We're just about to round the corner toward the second phase of this event, with exhibits scheduled to swap out today. We've already seen teasers of the new model exhibit and the new concept art exhibit so it'll be interesting to see what new content is revealed for this event~

 As for status updates, the Murasame Liger Letter Opener increased from 4950 yen to 6600, but at a glance, that's the only price change we've been able to find. Some items have been noted out of stick, including the black logo T-shirts, purchase bonus stickers for the first half of the event (Republic), Blind Character/Zoid Badges, OJR Logo Shirt, Blind Box Art Acrylic Blocks, Blade Liger Face Shirts (below XXL), and Anniversary Shirts (besides M and XXL), Geno Saurer Raven Shirt (Large), 40th Anniversary Shirt (Medium), Zoid Core Pies, and Entry Bonus Cards. There have also been delays on the Tattoo Stickers, Character Stickers, and Blind Character Cards. (Huge thanks to Falc for tracking this!)

- Hunter Wolf MPD

 When Hunter Wolf MPD was exhibited at the Big Zoids Expo, it was in front of a screen featuring a promotional video. This has now been posted online, along with a look at the weathered model kit by SigemikanZ and a dedicated Collaboration Page containing lore content!

- Video

- AZ Shield Liger Video!

 The AZ Shield Liger received its own promotional video, this time animated from the perspective of Raven analyzing the Zoid from his Saber Tiger. This was a fun take on the existing promo video style, and it's nice to see the Tiger running around.

- Video

- Fist of the North Star Collab

 Zoids Official posted a nice look at the Wild Liger Kokuoh, which now has a dedicated product page.

- HMM Green Horn & Attack Boosters

 As many of you already know, the HMM Green Horn is set to release at the end of the month, and one of Koto's stores has posted some new images of what the kit looks like out of the box! The look of the attack boosters fanned out looks quite dynamic, even for a Red Horn variant.

HMM Model Kits Official2023-10-16 00:32:45

- Upcoming HAL Videos!

 Zoids Official has posted a new video featuring Zoiko, the mascot of the MPZ Zoids. Along with this they've announced that they'll be sharing the highest nominated student videos on their channel soon. For those of you who aren't familiar with HAL, it's a university that focuses on 3D modeling. You might remember some of their videos being shared a while back.

- Medarots Updates

 Medarots posted a video featuring some interactions with their new Zoids collab characters. They also posted this neat graphic for the Geno Saurer.

- Official Fan Book 4 Update!

 After a period of silence during a cross country move, I'm ready to jump back into projects, starting with Official Fan Book 4! I know a lot of people have been reading up on this story lately and I wanted to thank everyone for waiting patiently while I get everything sorted out.

 Chapters 7, 8, and 9 of OFB 4 are now available, concluding the main story segment of the book. As the story nears its end, Wolff Muroa and the Eisen Dragoons invade Delpoi under the flag of the Neo Zenebas Empire. President Camford must face the stark realities of the war she has so been fighting so desperately, while the Republic makes a last-ditch effort to save their leadership.

Books Official Fan Book Site2023-10-06 04:46:58

- Read Older News

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

April 2023: HMM Shadow Fox Marking Plus Ver. Reissue Pre Order 5,026 Yen
April 2023: HMM Redler (Guylos Empire Ver.) Pre Order 5,285 Yen
April 2023: HMM Zoids Customize Part "Booster Cannon Set" Pre Order 2,404 Yen
April 2023: AZ-01 Blade Liger Pre Order 9,305 Yen
May 2023: HMM Iron Kong PK Pre Order 16,105 Yen
June 2023: HMM Dibison Marking Plus Ver. Pre Order 9,495 Yen
June 2023: HMM CP Gojulas Cannon Set Pre Order 4,955 Yen
July 2023: HMM Konig Wolf Pre Order 10,405 Yen
July 2023: HMM CP Dual Sniper Rifle & AZ 5-Shot Missile Pod Set Pre Order 3,595 Yen
July 2023: Chogokin Liger Zero Pre Order 34,995 Yen
September 2023: AZ-02 Liger Zero Pre Order 11,769 Yen
September 2023: AZ-02 Liger Zero Pre Order 11,769 Yen
October 2023: HMM Heavy Arms Konig Wolf Pre Order $159.99
October 2023: HMM Rev Raptor Night Patrol Pre Order $79.99