- HMM König Wolf Build Stream!

 Last night Kotobukiya hosted a live stream where they built an HMM König Wolf. A straight build, with no trimming of parts, was accomplished in just two and a half hours! We're seeing a big simplification of parts in newer Kotobukiya designs. Different people have different views on this, but personally, I love this. I haven't had the time to build HMMs in a long, long while. The idea of being able to build the HMM Wuf in a day, without having to spend literally all day doing it, is so exciting. This will also be a blessing for customs.

- Build Stream

HMM Model Kits Official Videos2023-07-08 01:16:48

- HMM Redler BC & König Wolf Box Art!

 Kotobukiya posted a new LABO article that finally introduces the unpainted samples for the Redler Guylos Ver. This includes box art, waterslide images and applied examples, box art concept sketch, and more. In this blog we also got to see a beautiful clear view of the upcoming Redler BC. Many people wondered why the Redler didn't already come with clear colorless parts, and Koto has answered this question: Prices have been on the rise due to manufacturing demands and limitations, and including these parts would've made the Redler even more expensive. The upcoming Redler BC, which'll be a Koto Direct exclusive, will contain these clear colorless parts, as well as be packaged with the Booster Cannon set. The decals will be the same as the Redler Guylos Ver. + Booster Cannon CP.

 The blog also introduces the first online (official) look at the HMM König Wolf box art. We saw pictures of this on Twitter when it was shown at the physical Stand River venue, but this is our clearest look thus far! Wolf is right around the corner, releasing around July 29th.

HMM Model Kits Official2023-07-08 01:16:31

- Red Horn MPV & Other HMM Rereleases!

 During the stream, Kotobukiya announced the upcoming Red Horn Marking Plus! This was an interesting choice, because Red Horn was released as recently as 2020 with a box art and design that have both stood well against the test of time. It seems that the Marking Plus will also be including a brand new sprue, which'll contain the Search Light parts for the head seen in Dark Horn variants. Normally these are part of a much larger sprue, but Koto decided to make a tiny 4-part sprue just for these to better match Katahira's gorgeous concept art (seen in the banner above.) This is a lovely shout out to one of their contributing artists.

 There's a number of other kit rereleases that've been announced through various sources over the past while. Here's what we've got coming up!

October: HMM Sturm Tyrann (13,500 yen)
November: HMM Buster Tortoise (4,800 yen)
December: HMM Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver. (7,200 yen)
Firm Release Not Decided: HMM Gojulas Marking Plus Ver.

HMM Model Kits Official Reissues2023-07-08 01:16:07

- New Anime Episodes!

 We have another wave of Zoids Episodes! In Genesis, this is the episode where we meet Kotona and her Zoid, the Rainbow Jerk. Matu over on Twitter, apparently part of the animation team in the earlier and later episodes of Genesis, gave their perspective of this episode.

- Zoids Chaotic Century Episode 10

- Zoids New Century /ZERO Episode 4

- Zoids Fuzors Episode 4

- Zoids Genesis Episode 4

Anime Videos2023-07-08 01:15:47

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

April 2023: HMM Shadow Fox Marking Plus Ver. Reissue Pre Order 5,026 Yen
April 2023: HMM Redler (Guylos Empire Ver.) Pre Order 5,285 Yen
April 2023: HMM Zoids Customize Part "Booster Cannon Set" Pre Order 2,404 Yen
April 2023: AZ-01 Blade Liger Pre Order 9,305 Yen
May 2023: HMM Iron Kong PK Pre Order 16,105 Yen
June 2023: HMM Dibison Marking Plus Ver. Pre Order 9,495 Yen
June 2023: HMM CP Gojulas Cannon Set Pre Order 4,955 Yen
July 2023: HMM Konig Wolf Pre Order 10,405 Yen
July 2023: HMM CP Dual Sniper Rifle & AZ 5-Shot Missile Pod Set Pre Order 3,595 Yen
July 2023: Chogokin Liger Zero Pre Order 34,995 Yen
September 2023: AZ-02 Liger Zero Pre Order 11,769 Yen
September 2023: AZ-02 Liger Zero Pre Order 11,769 Yen
October 2023: HMM Heavy Arms Konig Wolf Pre Order $159.99
October 2023: HMM Rev Raptor Night Patrol Pre Order $79.99