- HMM Garantula Announcement!

 During Kotobukiya's build stream for the HMM Guysack they hit us with a surprise announcement that nobody was expected, the HMM Garantula! Everything that follows is drawn from my understanding of the auto-generated subtitles, so please take with a grain of salt.

 This new kit will be hitting pre-orders on July 23rd, the same day that the HMM Guysack releases, as a Kotobukiya Shop exclusive. It's expected to be released in December, and sounds like it'll come with a clear smoke canopy as well as clear red for the various sensors. They showed off a few images including this familiar impression, and a classic spider splay to show off the articulation of the legs. Check out the stream for more stills as well as them showing off the test shot.

 They briefly discussed a variety of other topics. Evidently, the HMM K Wuf's initial release reported the highest sales in HMM history. As an unashamedly biased K Wuf fan, this was exciting to hear. Updates on HMM Salamander also list it as working through the prototype stage. They expect to display it sometime this year at an event.

 Breaking away from stream details, I'm happy to see Kotobukiya maximizing their mileage towards making small Zoids by lining up kits that could share common parts. It's an interesting solution to the challenges small Zoids face. (It's also a funny detail, because it matches the HMM lore, which leans into standardizing parts shared between Zoids to make them easier and faster to repair.) Garantula was a big surprise, and a nice shoutout to our OJR fans out there.

- RMZ Bladey and Geno Videos!

 Two new videos dropped for the RMZ Blade Liger and Geno Saurer, featuring voice overs by Zoiko. If you've already seen the earlier RMZ videos that introduced the articulation, you've probably already seen most of this, but it never hurts to get more coverage.

- Blade Liger

- Geno Saurer

Model Kits Official Realize Models2024-07-12 06:33:09

- Hobby Search RMZ Interview With Shuu Katayama!

 Hobby Search has posted a new product interview with Katayama, a major player in the Zoids franchise, and Naito, who's in charge of marketing! They brought up a lot of interesting details about the development of the Realize Model line, and some insights about their choices on it. I highly recommend giving it a read. Here are some of the key talking points.

  • Planning for RMZ began around winter 2021. They surveyed fans from all eras, finding an even split of older fans who wanted motorized kits and younger (anime) fans who wanted poseable kits. Though they tried to combine motorized actions into a movable kit they found that trying to do both eliminated the best aspects of both.

  • Geno Saurer and Blade Liger were chosen as the first kits to honor the 40th Anniversary's focus on fans who entered during the anime phase.

  • Realize Models focus on making the kits simple, requiring only the number of parts needed for all of the articulation points. The RMZ Blade Liger has around 200 parts.

  • The series is named "Realize Models" with the hope of bringing fan's dreams for their kits to reality. They want the model kits to closely resemble the anime they remember, expressing all of the gimmicks from the series, while even including effect parts that compliment what people imagine when they think of these Zoids, such as the Blade Liger's blade effects.

  • 1/100 scale was chosen to better suit Japanese residential environment, making these kits small and easy to collect without having to worry as much about space. Compared to 1/72 kits, Realize Models aim to fit several kits in the same amount of space while being able to assemble and even detail them in the same amount of time. Their goal is for RMZ to be assembled in less than an hour.

  • Because they want to keep these kits as affordable as possible, they've currently opted not to include display stands, but they're hoping to release them at a later time.

  • Gimmicks have a focus on being functional even at this small scale, without the need of replacement parts. (The obvious exception being option parts like Geno Saurer's nose guns, of course)

  • They've already planned this line out fairly far into the future, mentioning that they do indeed plan to release kits of the silhouettes displayed in teasers before now. They also hope to release more kits that never got to be made into poseable models.

  • They hope to be able to release something almost every month.

  • Though the series starts off with anime-specific kits, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Zoids, they're also looking to include products for people who got into the franchise through the Battle Story, Games, and Zoids Wild.

  • They've contemplated releasing Customize Parts such as Iron Kong SS's gatling gun, but haven't yet decided if this'll be doable. It would, however, allow them to bridge the gap for anime-specific variants that may not be worth releasing a whole new kit for, but could be sold as option parts. One example given is the Command Wolf Urban Warfare Spec.

  • They mused at someday even dreaming of releasing anime scale Zoids such as Ultra Saurus and Death Saurer, sold as separate parts such as the head or torso. This is not confirmed for the series.

  • Other Zoids that they'd like to eventually release include different scale kits that could be displayed (in scale) alongside the original Zoids, such as Zoids Wild or 1/24. A couple names dropped were Wild Liger and power up forms such as Murasame Liger's evolts.

- RMZ-01 Blade Liger Info!

 Pre-orders for the first two RMZ kits are up, starting with the RMZ-01 Blade Liger! Bladey here is scheduled for February 2025 for a retail price of 4,950 yen (tax included, about $30 USD.) You can find these on all your typical pre-order sites. AmazonJP, HLJ, AmiAmi, USA Gundam, and more. The official page for this kit (linked above) contains a couple pieces of concept art and a heaping ton of images. Blade Liger will come with effect parts for the Dual Laser Blades. It'll also come with sitting pilot figures of Bang (Van) and Fine (Fiona) as well as a general pilot figure.

 They've also released a video on the RMZ Blade Liger narrated by Bang's VA, detailing its various points of articulation. This stood out as an especially cool video to me. Moveable gimmicks tend to be broad stroked, focusing mostly on a few key poses and the actual equipment. After all, covering all moving pieces would take forever. Seeing a video that puts the articulation itself on display is a breath of fresh air and makes me nostalgic about doing Zoid kit reviews. I look forward to seeing more of these going forward.

Zoids Waiting Room
 About a month ago they also held a Zoids Waiting Room discussion corner where people involved in the Zoids series got together and talked about the new line. It shows off a lot of stuff, such as staff members interacting with the AZ-07 Death Saurer and size comparisons of the RMZ kits with the traditional motos. Prototypes of the next 3 RMZ Kits, RMZ-003 Command Wolf, RMZ-004 Helcat, and RMZ-005 Molga also get shown off in the video.

- Preview Video

- Zoids Waiting Room

- RMZ-02 Geno Saurer

 The next up in this 1/100 scale poseable model kit line is the RMZ-02 Geno Saurer. Scheduled for February 2024 alongside the Blade Liger, its got a retail price of 6,600 yen (about $41 USD.) The Geno Saurer's page has two pieces of colored concept art, comparisons of movable gimmicks to the anime, and a ton of pictures. The kit will come with effect parts for both the Charged Particle Cannon and the Long Range Pulse Laser Rifles. It'll also include a seated Raven figure and a generic pilot figure.

 Honestly, this may be the best-proportioned Geno Saurer we've ever gotten. The poseability of this kit is something else. The joints are so well hidden, and the tail movement in particular looks so fluid with no unsightly gaps. The tail vents are also a neat design, and its good to see this often-forgotten feature included on a smaller scale product. The video is likewise narrated by Raven's VA.

- Preview Video

- AZ-08 Molga!

 Molga was first teased with this diorama image. Well, the kit has now officially been posted on TakaraTomy's website! (Does AZ not have a dedicated page on the TT website?) The page has a piece of concept art and goes over all the new features of this kit. Pre-orders are already up. The kit is scheduled to be released in February 2025 for a retail price of 4,950 yen (about $30 USD.)

 First and most noticeably is that the AZ-08 Molga comes with a brand new piece, the Jamming Horn. This is a part original to Advanced Zi. It is not seen in any other canon. The part itself is based on the osmeterium organs of swallowtail larvae, which release a foul-smelling chemical repellant to ward of predators. The kit also has a surprise motorized function: Forwards and backwards movement. A rotating gear on the back adds an extra detail during movement and the kit has all of the manual gimmicks expected of a Molga.

- Preview Video

- AZ01-EX Blade Liger Leon Toros Spec.!

 In a surprising turn of events, the first stand-alone recolor variant of the Advanced Zi line has been announced! It's Leon Toros' Blade Liger! This kit looks beautiful already, with a nice shade of red. It's scheduled for Late February 2025 for 11,000 yen. It's a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive, so as a reminder to everyone, you can order from the TT Mall through Buyee if you've got their Add To Buyee add on. Just navigate to the page and refresh while the add on is active.

- Zoid Core Box Updates!

 Details on the upcoming Zoid Core box continue to drop! A new variation of the Stealth Stinger, recreated as a custom for the diorama revamp of Fan Book EX has been posted. This version incorporates Sniptera wing parts to make a new tail blade. It's seen again in this teaser. An intriguing image of the Zero Falcon's shattered cockpit eludes to us seeing a conclusion to the results at the end of the final Fan Book EX. CoroCoro also posted an image showing off a figure of Wolff Muroa in front of the Neo Zenebas Army! This is interesting. We'll probably be seeing these in the book, then.

 Additionally, we've got the box art for the AZ-02EX Liger Zero Ray Greg ver. This shows off a scene inspired by the old box art for the Tomy Liger Zero Phoenix kit. Finally, as a last detail, it looks like we'll get to learn more about the legendary Leomasters.

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

July 2024: AZ-05 Saber Tiger (Late shipment) Pre Order $94.99 Yen
July 2024: Sonic Bird Ratha Pre Order 5,280 Yen
July 2024: Beast Liger Sinister Pre Order 5,280 Yen
July 2024: HMM Guysack Pre Order $41.01
July 2024: AZ-06 Liger Zero Phoenix Pre Order $139.99
Nov 2024: HMM König Wolf Reissue Pre Order 10,328 Yen
Nov 2024: HMM CP Dual Sniper Rifle & AZ 5 Launch Missile System Set Pre Order 3,766 Yen
Dec 2024: AZ-07 Death Saurer (To ship first quarter 2025) Pre Order $219.99
Dec 2024: Wild Liger Kokuoh Pre Order 5,280 Yen
Feb 2025: RMZ-001 Blade Liger Pre Order $31.77
Feb 2025: RMZ-002 Geno Saurer Pre Order $42.36
Feb 2025: AZ-08 Molga Pre Order $31.77