- Official Fan Book 4 Begins!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:39:30

 We've got the first block of Zoids Official Fan Book 4 now available! This includes the Prologue, Nyx Map, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. Some familiar characters make a return in this volume, and this time around, the two armies must contend with an invisible enemy far more deadly than any Helcat.

 With this update there were also some minor changes to how the books are formatted. For starters, each complete book will now include a full navigation at the bottom of each page. The Fan Books contain a lot of information and this will hopefully help people skip between sections while looking for something without needing to go back to the index page and open tons of tabs.

 The next change is that all of the little thumbnail images throughout the story sections have been placed beside the text. This may still be subject to change. However, print media can be limited on where and how it can place images, often resulting in images that, when reading in web format, often result in spoilers for what happens next. These limitations don't exist in a pageless web format, so I wanted the images to be located closest to their relevant text, as was done for Zoids Generations (Not forgotten, updates coming soon!)

- HMM Section Updates!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:38:34

 We've got several new machine-translated HMM segments available over in the Model Kits section! By sheer coincidence, this is Command Wolf week, with the stories and lore for the HMM Command Wolf, Command Wolf LC (Empire Spec.), Command Wolf AC, and Command Wolf Barad now available on their respective pages. These stories were interesting, taking on an actual story format instead of strictly reviewing their military history.

- HMM Section Updates

 There's also some general updates to the HMM section. For starters, we've added bookmarks (seen left) beside Zoid names for pages that include lore information, making it easier to find these pages at a glance. Gold for full lore (instruction story + concept art) and silver if it only has one of these.

 In addition, the HMM page as a whole has received another universal update to expand the information on each page. This includes a new section on the base kit page to include any Marking Plus or Repackage versions and the differences of. You'll also find box art discussion, a notes section for random facts that've surfaced through books, social media, and blogs, and a detailed explanation of "pre-order" / Koto Direct bonus parts that came with that Zoid. You may enjoy these sections if you've ever wondered what a particular box art is referencing!

 As a final note, the main HMM page includes a F.A.Q. section at the bottom and an Extra Details section discussing details about the series that aren't specific to one kit.

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- Yuji Kaida Section Update!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:38:20

 The Yuji Kaida Model Kit section has been updated to include the basic stats and box lore from each of the various Zoids, as well as their artwork.

- Masterpiece Zoids Section!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:38:00

 A new section has been added to Model Kits for the Masterpiece Zoids series, including their stock photos and lore. The Anniversary Zoids will be lumped into this page as a sub-category for lack of a better efficient place to put them. It's worth noting however that these ARE separate series, even if they use the same base Zoid. The AZ line will get its own section if it goes beyond 5-6 kits.

- Encyclopedia Update!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:37:44

 Small update, but the Encyclopedia now includes a page for the Garil Ruins, including references to the real-life location that inspired its anime adaption.

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AZ-01 Blade Liger Updates!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:37:27

 Thanks to Zoids Official we got to see our first product photos of the AZ-01 Blade Liger! This is certainly a cool development on the original Shield Liger. The kit was also on display at Takara Tomy's Hobby Expo, where people could stop by and take a look at some of their upcoming products. At this exhibit, the AZ Blade Liger was on display next to the original Tomy Blade Liger. Hobby Watch took a variety of photos of this exhibit.

- Zoids Wild NFT Arena Updates!

Posted: 2022-09-27 13:36:53

 Zoids Wild NFT Arena has been posting frequent idle animations of the various Zoids that'll appear in the game, including Blade Liger, Beast Liger (+ Running Animation, Fang Tiger, Wild Liger, (+ Running Animation), Hunter Wolf (+ Running Animation), Cannon Bull (+ Running Animation), Knuckle Kong (+ Running Animation), Gilraptor (+ Running Animation), and Sonic Bird (+ Running Animation.

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- Upcoming Zoid Releases

November 2022: HMM Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver. RereleasePre Order 5,664 Yen
November 2022: HMM Gojulas the Ogre Pre Order $295
December 2022: HMM Iron Kong Marking Plus Ver.Pre Order $117.08
January 2022: HMM Geno Breaker Repackage Ver.Pre Order $85.30
March 2022: HMM Storm Sworder ReissuePre Order $70.55
March 2022: HMM Redler (Zenebas Empire Ver.)Pre Order 5,235 Yen
April 2022: HMM Shadow Fox Marking Plus Ver. ReissuePre Order 5,026 Yen
April 2022: HMM Redler (Guylos Empire Ver.)Pre Order 5,285 Yen
April 2022: HMM Zoids Customize Part "Booster Cannon Set"Pre Order 2,404 Yen