- Zoids Concept Art Exhibit Updates!

Posted: 2020-12-08 16:03:04

 The Concept Art Exhibit is coming up soon, and there's been a decent number of twitter posts on the topic. The most notable, at the moment, is a twitter campaign where users can follow the zoids_official account and retweet this post for a chance to win a special autographed T-Shirt featuring the main graphic for the event. This is for residents of Japan only. For the rest of us, there's a ton of concept art to look at!

 Zoids Official has posted one of the Death Saurer and Saber Tiger while the GoFa account posted the Saber Tiger CA, which will be featured as a print card at the shop. T2Event, which is TakaraTomy's twitter account for event announcements, posted several as well. Red Horn, Mammoth and Gordos, a random sauropod, and the logo for the event.

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