Hagane Works Blade Liger Figure!  [Official]

Posted: 2020-02-12 04:46:52

 During Wonderfest we learned that the Good Smile Company, known best for their Nendoroid series, will be releasing a huge Blade Liger action figure as a part of their Hagane Works line! This is a brand new series of figures with only two other products released prior: The Demonsbane mech and a related additional parts set. As such, it seems Hagane Works will span various series. The standard so far (from what little we know) is that these are large, fully painted, part plastic -- part diecast metal poseable action figures.

 The Blade Liger's price is unknown, and although it was mentioned to be 1/72 scale, viewers of the figure at Wonder Festival noted that it was closer to the size of the Yamato Shield Liger. Which means it'll actually be larger than the traditional Tomy kits. It has an esthetic close to the anime Blade Liger, with a proper number of slats to the Shield Generator, narrower fangs, and a double-seater cockpit. It comes with 2 pilots, which seem to be standard Republican pilots, not existing characters.

 In the reveal image we can see bits of diecast metal along the body. For the Demonsbane kit, this was cited to be almost a full pound of diecast, so this kit will come with a significant heft. Interestingly, the kit was also announced on the Good Smile US twitter, although it is possible that this twitter account also covers big reveals from the Japanese side of things. There is no confirmation yet if it will come to the US, but that would certainly save on shipping.

 Price wise, we do not have a confirmed cost. Our only reference is Hagane Works' previous figure, the Demonsbane, which cost roughly $160. The additional parts set for Demonsbane was roughly $40 ~ $50. This isn't a bad price, considering Good Smile is known for high quality, beautifully painted products. It's worth noting that they are also known for having pre-order bonuses for ordering directly from their store.


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