ZA Liger Zero!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-10-05 02:00:00

    We've also had the Zoids Aggressive Liger Zero announced! This one is in the near future, coming out in May. It'll come with alternative Strike Laser Claw parts (a brighter yellow, basically) and if you order through Kotobukiya Direct you'll receive the Leomaster flying stand. See the Koto Page for more pictures! 6,800 Yen retail price, 7,344 for the Koto Direct version.


ZA Mugen Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-02-07 04:00:00

    Second is the ZA Mugen Liger! We were expecting to see this with the last two Murasames already well on their way. The details look amazing, and so far we haven't heard if there'll be any Kotobukiya Direct exclusives. Pre-orders are expected to open this month (February 2016.) Here are some more links!
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    AmiAmi Twitter


ZA Blade Liger AB!  [Official]

Posted: 2016-02-07 03:00:00

    ZA has been keeping a fast pace, and it's not slowing down with the Mugen Liger. After the questionnaire results they have announced the next Zoids Aggressive, the Blade Liger AB! So far we've seen some prototyped images but it is excellent to see a new design, instead of a rehashed HMM, which I think a lot of people were expecting. Release date and price not yet announced, but here are some more links!
    Kotobukiya Blog
    Dengeki Hobby Blog
    AmiAmi Twitter


ZA Hayate Liger Page!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-10-04 04:00:00

    Kotobukiya has posted pages for the Zoids Aggressive Hayate Liger! This Zoid is available for preorder. When ordering from Kotobukiya Direct instead of another store you will receive a special set of white stickers for the armor! It is scheduled for a May 2015 Release!


ZA Hayate Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-08-07 03:00:00

    Another awesome announcement is the upcoming Zoids Aggressive 'Hayate Liger!' Prototypes were seen with many more images accessible here. A release date is not yet known.


Zoids Aggressive Murasame Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-05-28 03:00:00

    Kotobukiya has finally posted color photos for the new 1/100 Murasame Liger! This line has been officially dubbed the "Zoids Aggressive" series, based upon the renewed articulation and aggressive pose possibilities of the figures. The Liger is also up for pre-order on a number of sites.

    For those who wish to import the Zoid through a deputy servic, Kotobukiya Direct is issuing a limited edition stand and stickers that are available for direct orders only. These will not be present in the AmiAmi shipments, nor any other stores' shipments.


ZA Murasame Blu-Ray Edition!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-05-28 02:00:00

    Along with this news we have our first look at the Blu-Ray Edition Murasame Liger. Rather than to go with the clear color versions, like earlier box sets, it is cast in a more anime-specific green color. We've never had an anime-accurate Murasame release so this is quite interesting!


1/100 Murasame Liger!  [Official]

Posted: 2015-03-27 01:00:00

    They have also posted a new series of photos of the 1/100 Murasame Liger. Unlike the Shield Liger photos these are actually quote large and very high detail! It looks like there's lots of nice touches to the overall design.

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