- ZW12 Death Rex

- Basic Details

    Release Date: December 2018
    Price: 6800 Yen
    Parts: ??
    Size: XL
    Motion: Motorized (x2 AA)

    It's the most ferocious gigantic Zoid, with only one known to exist in this world. When it senses signs of other Zoids, it gets excited and goes on a rampage, using its large jaws to eat enemy Zoids, completely destroying them. When it releases its Wild Blast, it uses the large jaws and the secondary "Death Jaws" to crush its enemies into dust with the drill inside its mouth. It's said that it not only destroys them, but also absorbs the energy and capabilities of other Zoids.

    Excavation Site: Wild Continent (Great Volcano "Death Rocky")

    It was discovered within the magma of the large volcano, Death Rocky, but it's said that there wasn't a single melted part on it.

Wild Blast: Genocided Drill
    Length: 12.3 m
    Height: 5.6 m
    Weight: 154.0 t
    Max Speed: 98 km/h
    IQ: 98
    Crusher Claw
    Death Jaws
    Kaiser Tail
    Large Jaws
    Ubra (Sp?) Drill

    Radiation Wing

Speed: 9    |     Attack: 10    |     IQ: 7    |     Stamina: 9    |     Defense: 10    |     Wild Blast: 10

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- Motorized & Wild Blast Information

    After it walks forward a few steps, it opens its mouth, and the drill inside the mouth glows red and spins. The panels on the back extend, and it performs a biting action with the upper, lower, and second set of jaws. After repeating this action 3 times, it returns to normal walking again!

    For its special move, the "Genocided Drill", the mouth opens twice as far as normal and it devours enemy Zoids with the large jaws. In addition, the secondary jaws, the "Death Jaws" extend from the sides after biting the enemy Zoid, and start grinding them to dust in combination with the Ubra Drill inside the mouth!

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