- Yuji Kaida Release

    Yuji Kaida model kits were a unique corner of their own battle story, and are named so for the box arts which were original renderings by the artist, Yuji Kaida. These kits contained recolored motorized or BLOX kits from earlier lines, and had some amazing color schemes. They used extremely thin boxes, so if having them shipped make sure that they are handled with care. It is easy for them to be damaged during shipment.

    The series was also released near the same time as the Zoids Web Comic, which largely promoted the model line. Each comic regarded a different Yuji Kaida Zoid, even if not all of the models appeared in the strips.

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Yuji Kaida Zoids
    - Blade Liger Mirage
    - Buster Tortoise
    - Cannoneer Gordos
    - Death Stinger ZS
    - Fire Fox
    - Gojulas Mariner
    - Green Horn
    - Iron Kong Yeti
    - Raven Raptor
    - Saint Gale
    - Salamander Bombvern
    - Shadow Arm Lizard
    - Sturm Tyrann