- Brastle Tiger Kit: Three Tigers Legend

    This DVD (the second in the series) was issued with the Brastle Tiger model kit, and concludes the Three Tigers media. With a very high quality CGI short film it's one of the best extras we've been given with a Zoid, and I highly recommend checking it out!

- Previous Disc Summary

    This opening scene is filled with clips from the Rayse Tiger DVD. It's basically an overview on what was going on before.

Screen Shots:

- Brastle Tiger Appears!

    A brief appearance from the Jet Rayse Tiger is interrupted when the Brastle Tiger attempts to shoot it out of the sky! Unfortunately the disc ends before we can see these two iconic Zoids fight to the death.

Screen Shots:

- Zoids Battle Spec

    An overview of each Zoid that was primarily featured. We've included a lot of stills for those that'd like to use them. Most profiles contained several 3/4 views of the Zoid as well a its run cycle (with the exception of flying Zoids, which had another stationary image.) Some include clips of the Zoids in action from this and the previous DVD.

Screen Shots: Whitz Wolf, Savinga, Whitz Tiger

Screen Shots: Para Blade, Death Raser, Decalto Dragon

Screen Shots: Rayse Tiger, Ptero Rayse, Jet Rayse Tiger

Screen Shots: Brastle Tiger