- Zoids Dash

    Zoids Dash is a peculiar game. It's a 2D game, similar to Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog. Story / content wise, it's very childish, in that the characters are all small children, and there isn't much plot.

    You start the game as a small blue-haired kid, who finds a strange ring that allows him to take control of Zoids. His primary Zoid is the Liger Zero, with an X-shaped scar on its head, and you start off with a basic booster, tail guns, and basic claw/fang melee weapons. Your friend (the kid with the glasses) will help you find different missions to take on, and each time your objective is to find and destroy the boss-Zoid, harvesting weapons and Zoids from the level.

- Game Play

    Main Menu:
    The main menu has four options. They basically go as follow:

    Start New Game
    Load Game
    Load/Save (+ some other strange options)
    Settings (Change SE Volume, BGM Volume, Etc.)


    * All menu and game information is based upon experience. I do not read Japanese, and none of these translations are specific, so please do not rely on them for absolute accuracy. They are simply to help play the game.

    - Gameplay Guide

    - Vague Level Guide

- Characters


    Lakol is the main character of the game. He and his buddy, Tel, were playing games in the forest when they found a mysterious bracelet. When Lakol put the bracelet on, it erupted into a brilliant light form, and supposedly gave him the ability to take control of (and merge?) with Zoids.

    Lakol is also the pilot / owner of the small Liger Zero that he's seen traveling with in the game art. His Zoid is notable for its X-shaped scar that has been cut into the head of the Zoid.

    Tell is Lakol's friend, and often tags after him on his adventures. He's the techy kid of the duo, and is the one that you go to in-game to find new quests.