This section is dedicated to free icons. These icons can be used anywhere on the internet as avatars, in signatures, and other media. The only requirement is that you not claim them as your own. Including credits are not necessary, unless you edit the icons, and claim credit for editing them (in which case, we would appreciate a 'original from')

    If you'd like to submit icons, please make sure that you agree to the terms in the first paragraph here. All icons much be drawn by yourself. We do not accept any images that were taken from google, wikipedia, or any other media network or website. Look for our contact information on the Contact Page.

Icons by Hanyoutai

Liger Zero

Liger Zero Schneider

Liger Zero Panzer

Liger Zero Phoenix

Blade Liger

Energy Liger

Bio Liger

Trinity Liger

Saber Tiger

Berserk Fuehrer

Bio Volcano

Rev Raptor