- Zeru

* Character Information
Name: Zeru Jupit
Important Feature: Zoids Saga II (Legacy)
Military Allegiance: Undetermined
Other Loyalties: Undetermined
Primary Zoid: Blitz Tiger
Secondary Zoid: Saber Lion
Secondary Zoid: Shield Liger
Secondary Zoid: Zaber Fang
Organoid: Pulse

    Zeru is the main character of (and first premiered in) Zoids Saga II. He is a young man looking for Zoid battles and was thought to be from an unknown Zenebas heritage. He ended up working against the games antagonists, including Gard Kreuger, in an attempt to stop the ever destabilizing ZOS system.

    As the hero he rapidly excells at Zoid combat and came to be one of the first main characters in new age Zoids media that didn't pilot a Liger, even if his Zoid was similar as a tiger-type. His name can alternatively be translated as Zell.


    Zeru's Zoid is a strange thing. The Blitz Tiger is the only unit designed to function properly with Pulse and the original ZOS system. Not only that but it is intended to maximize this effect, especially in combination with the Organoid partner.

    However, the Zoid is not of this time. It was seemingly sent back from the future by an unknown entity to assist in the reclaimation of the time and space stability. Since Zeru recalls very little about his past it is heavily implied that he is the one to have sent this Zoid back.

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