- Anna Tares

* Standard Character Information
Name: Anna Tares
Age: ---
Series: Zoids Battle Story
Primary Features: Zoids Battle Story
Affiliations: Zenebas Empire
Family: ---
Primary Zoid:
    - Death Stinger KFD
Secondary Zoid:
Voice Actors: ---

- Character Introduction

    Anna is a member of the Neo-Zenebas Empire, and the pilot of the Death Stinger KFD. She appeared in the new Battle Story and was noted to be Wolf's childhood friend. Though her Zoid was terrifying, she was later killed due to the security protocols of the Zoid itself.

- Personality

    Anna's point of view isn't seen in great detail, but from what we can see, she's a relatively kind person when it comes to Wolff. She wants nothing more than to see him become the next Emperor, but she unfortunately never gets to see that happen.

- History

    Anna was entrusted to lead a unit of Death Stinger KFDs, and it was the Zoid that she herself piloted. Thanks to their natural inclination to go berserk special limitations had to be set. When they were expected to lose it was decided that they could never fall into enemy hands, and so the Death Stingers were instructed to initiate a self destruct sequence. Anna died in the resulting explosion, while Wolff was only able to watch from a Whale King in the sky.

- Zoids

- Death Stinger KFD

The Death Stinger KFD confronting the Republican Army.
    The Killer From The Dark.

    A vicious Death Stinger used in Anna's unit. Sporting a desert camouflage color scheme along with a wide array of new weaponry, the Death Stinger KFD was a terrifying force to behold. They also adhered to the Death Stinger's long standing history of going berserk, and so to keep the Zoid under control, they had limitations put in place. Specifically that they could not exceed 30% of their true combat potential. In spite of this restriction they were still expected to be incredibly powerful.

    Unfortunately, the Death Stingers were being overwhelmed by the Ray Force Unit. To prevent the Zoid from falling into enemy hands, the Empire initiated a self destruct sequence, which resulted in the death of the entire unit.

- Featured In

    Book Media: Fan Book EX 11 (Briefly Mentioned)
    Book Media: Dengeki Hobby Magazine [August 2005 Issue]

    Game Media: Zoids Battle Card Game: Imperial Volume 5
    Game Media: Zoids Scramble Vol. 3

    Video Game Media: Zoids Full Metal Crash
    Video Game Media: Zoids Saga M