- Borderline Imperial Mountains

     These mountains are not far from the border between the Republican and Imperial border. It is one of the thickest forests seen in Chaotic Century, with thick, moss covered trees and other properties akin to a rain forest. The mountain seems relatively unexplored with only a few transport roads going through it, but also has some beautiful running rivers.
- Technical Information

Name: (No official name)
Allegiance: None (Border Territory)
Environment: Caves
Dense Forest
Series: Zoids Chaotic Century (Anime)
Featured: Episode 39

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- Borderline Imperial Mountain Ruins

     The mountain ruins along the Imperial Border are originally built into caves in the side of the mountain, and are of paramount importance in Ancient Zoidian times. This place was formerly undiscovered until Hiltz and his subordinates managed to find and excavate the ruins.

     What made these ruins so important were their contents. A massive capsule contained in the ruin is implied to have been the remains of two ancient scorpion type Zoids that were used to fight the ancient Death Saurer. I would theorize that it was only the cores stored in this ruin, as the combined result of the Death Stinger was later developed in a massive tank in the same fashion as Prozen's Death Saurer clone, which may imply that the Zoid was developed from scratch, and only used the cores of the prehistoric Zoids. It is also nearly unheard of to find ancient Zoids in capsules that are not Organoids, but it is later seen that the size of the Death Stinger core is massive, which could explain the size of the capsule.

     When this capsule is discovered Ambient is merged to it, which could be to activate the capsule, or to resurrect the Zoids inside (if there were indeed complete Zoids). Either way, the capsule in its entirety was gone when it was later investigated by the Guardian Force. Only a crater remained on ground level, and a tablet in the ceiling that indicated the Zoids contained within. It is the largest capsule ever seen in the Zoids series.

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- Borderline Imperial Town

     This remote town was the target of Hiltz' second subordinate group. They were threatened that if they did not leave the town by the end of the week, that they would be destroyed. Their only life line was the land, however. Filled with orchards and fields it was the perfect place for them to be self sustaining, and there was no where else for these humble people to go. They chose to stay and were thankfully helped by the Guardian Force.

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