- Liger Zero X

Registration Number: RZ-041 (Lion Type)
Name: Liger Zero X
    Known as the 'Dark King of Beasts'
Japanese: ライガーゼロイクス
Height: 9.8 m
Length: 24.0 m
Weight: 115.0 t
Speed: 315.0 km/h
    Johann Staufen
Base Unit: Liger Zero EM
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    Electron Driver (Blades, Forward Deployment)
    Laser Fang* (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claw x4* (Paws)
    Stun Blade (Blades, Side Deployment)

* Not listed in technical data but still used.
Equipment for the base Zero unit.
    Chaff Dispensor x4 (Legs)
    Cutter Fairing x2 (Cheeks)
    Drum Condenser (Lower Back)
    Earth Unit (Tail)
    Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 4 x4(Legs)
    Objective Blade Sensor x4 (Legs)
    Static Generator x2 (Upper Back)

Other Equipment:
    CAS (Changing Armor System)
    Optical Camouflage (Active Stealth)

- Liger Zero Introduction

    The Liger Zero X is an advanced stealth armor developed for the Liger Zero Empire. It combined the best traits of the Republic's formerly established CAS units as well as imperial technology to create a machine that would surpass earlier armors on the battlefield.

- Combat History

- The Creation of the Liger Zero X

    The Liger Zero EM (Empire Specifications) was constructed from a single wild body, which was reclaimed from the Nixie base after a fierce battle. Alongside it, the highly advanced X CAS was developed.

    This special armor retrofit the best design traits of the Changing Armor Systems utilized by the Helic Republic, based on combat data that was gathered from the field. It surpassed them all with capabilities in electrical warfare and advanced stealth.

- The Assassin in the Liger Zero X     ZAC 2101

    In September of ZAC 2101, a Liger Zero X was sent to a Republican Base to assassinate Karl Schwarz. With the Zoid's highly developed optical camouflage it hid in plain sight, right before enemy eyes. By the time it was noticed by Tommy Paris it had already silenced several sectors of the Republican base.

    It was only through instinct, the pilots experience in combat that the X was detected. Although Schwarz was the target, he arrived on the field to assist and opted to confront the phantom Zoid. Tommy's Command Wolf was eliminated by the X's Strike Laser Claw, and the battle fell into the hands of Schwarz, piloting his Saber Tiger SS and Herman, arriving on the field with his König Wolf (DSR.)

    Nicknamed the "Stealth Killer", the Wolf's helmet was the perfect tool for tracking down their invisible opponent. Yet, the field of vision within the scope was small. Schwarz chose to distract the Liger Zero X so that Herman could get a clear shot. He didn't get far; the Saber Tiger SS was shot straight through the core by the Electron Driver. The most destructive weapon installed to the X.

    It was only defeated because of its pilots' own hubris. Distracted by the Mad Thunder, an incredible Zoid being resurrected to fight against Prozen's Death Saurer. When the X ran to destroy it, it inadvertantly cornered itself in a narrow hallway. It was shot and killed by Rob Herman's König Wolf.

- Details of Design

- Custom Etched Canopy

    Multiple iterations of the Liger Zero X feature a custom canopy, with a V-shape carved into the cockpit. We're not entirely sure where this design feature comes from, or if it was just coincedence / one inspired by the other.

- Heavy Energy Usage

    While the Liger Zero X has generators on its body, the Zoid still uses an excessive amount of voltage. This isn't necessarily unmanageable, but undoubtedly the Zoid does better with a skilled pilot who knows how to put all of that equipment to proper use. Because of this, the Liger Zero X is reserved for ace pilots.

- Equipment Information

- Chaff Dispensor x4

Chaff Dispensor x4: チャフディスペンサー×4

    A chaff dispensor is installed to each one of the X's legs, tucked away between the radiation fins. The equipment refers to the large square vent in the center. In dire situations the X can use the chaff dispensors to discharge a cloud of aluminum flakes (or other chaff countermeasures). This cloud distracts radar-based tracking, which can save the X from radar-guided projectiles. It can also disrupt certain tracking systems on the enemy Zoid.

- Cutter Fairing x2

Cutter Fairing x2: カッターフェアリング×2

    Cutter fairings exist to reduce drag during movement. In the case of the Liger Zero X, the whole face design seems to be based around this concept, which would improve the Liger's overall aerodynamics. They (the blades) can move forward, presumeably to reduce drag in front of the legs. They've also been documented to deploy when the X is using the Electron Driver.

- Drum Condensor x2

Drum Condensor x2: ドラムコンデンサー×2

    Two of these are installed to the X, both on the lower back and attached by a couple of armor plates. The purpose of the drum condensor is to store electricity in a rapid-release platform. In the case of the Liger Zero X, this would provide on board storage for the Electron Driver, and when needed would discharge that electricity within seconds.

- Earth Unit

Earth Unit: アースユニット

    The Earth Unit follows a basic principle of electrical installations; providing a safe course for electricity to flow without endangering the rest of the unit. Since the Liger Zero X uses electrical weapons this is a must. By turning the gold bars downwards and planting them in the ground, the building energy of the X can travel through the tail and into the ground. It both protects the components from excess voltage and keeps the rest of the Zoid from conducting said electricity.

- Electron Driver

Electron Driver: エレクトロンドライバー

    The Electron Driver refers to the projectile capability of the blades. Even though the stats mention this specifically being used when the blades are clustered together, above the back and aimed forward; it has documented use with the blades at the side. It may be reasonable to speculate that this would result in less power (beam density.)

    Moving on to the main point; the Electron Driver is the most powerful weapon of the Liger Zero X, referred to as a high voltage beam cannon. When deployed, the driver fires a fairly linear bolt of lightning. While this may display electricity branching off in all directions, the central 'beam' is powerful enough to pierce right through a Zoid. This was demonstrated when Johann Staufen used the Electron Driver to penetrate the Zoid Core of Schwarz' Saber Tiger SS.

- Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 4 x4

Electron Driver Radiation Fin Set of 4 x4 エレクトロンドライバー放熱フィン×4

    Four* radiation fins are installed to each leg, beneath the translucent blue armor. The Electron Driver generates intense heat during use. These fins collect the heat that's generated and disperses it into the air, allowing the X to maintain its optimal temperature.
    * The Liger Zero X depicted in "The Iron Bible" carries six radiation fins on each leg.

- Laser Fang

Laser Fang:

    The Liger Zero X possesses all of the Zero's standard weaponry, with minor modifications. Though this isn't listed in the Zoid's stats, it's shown in the battle story to carry an energy charge in both its fangs and its claws, implying that these weapons are still in use. The difference is that the Empire variant of the Liger seems to carry the energy charge in all of its teeth, while the Republican liger only charges the upper and lower canines. This is likely a stylistic choice for whoever did the diaroma images, but worth noting.

- Objective Blade Sensor

Objective Blade Sensor: 対物ブレードセンサー×4

    The Objective Blade Sensor is the gold point on each of the four legs. Although this isn't described in depth during the battle story it's reasonable to assume that it works much like the objective sensors used in modern day robots, which allow them to safely move around indoors.

    They detect objects within the immediate vicinity, both serving as an early warning system and allowing the Zoid to better navigate its environment with a lower risk of collisions. This would be especially useful for monitoring blind spots around the Zoid.

- Optical Camouflage

Optical Camouflage (Active Stealth): 光学迷彩(アクティブステルス)

    Liger Zero X is installed with an Optical Camouflage unit, also known as active stealth. This makes the Zoid invisible to the naked eye, and allowed the X to sneak through Republican Territory unnoticed during an assassination mission. The only reason it was detected was because of the heightened instincts of the enemy pilots. They could feel that something was in the area, but couldn't necessarily see it.

    Optical Stealth works by rapidly generating images around the Zoid using cameras that are installed in various locations. Though mostly invisible this often leaves a sort of 'distortion' in space. In earlier Zoids like the Helcat, this stealth prevented high speed movement because the systems couldn't generate images fast enough to prevent these distortions. The X sports dramatic improvements to its image processing power, allowing it to move faster than earlier stealth Zoids. Optical Camouflage is even capable of avoiding detection from search radar and thermal imaging.

- Static Generator x2

Static Generator x2: スタスティックジェネレーター×2

    Generators installed to the upper back of the Liger Zero X. These turbine-like objects are used to generate electricity, stored within the generator for later use. While the Zoid also possesses Drum Condensors, these are really only good for split second discharges; not fit for prolonged use. This makes the generator uniquely beneficial, as it can provide energy to the weaponry over a period of time. That likely includes the stun blades.

- Strike Laser Claw x4

Strike Laser Claw x4: ストライクレーザークロー×4

    This weapon is retained from the default Liger Zero Empire, but isn't listed in the official stats. The X is still capable of charging its claws with energy, which allows it to slice through enemy armor with ease. This charge can be used in all four paws.

- Stun Blades

Stun Blades: スタンブレード×2

    The Stun Blades name explains it all. They're able to charge up with electricity, but unlike the Laser Blades which emphasize slicing enemies to pieces, the stun blades deliver high voltage to the opponent. This causes short circuiting in the enemy, rendering them unable to fight. Theoretically it'd be excellent for capturing hostile machines.

    While the stun blades are specified to activate when the blades are deployed at the sides, the Electron Driver can fire both at a side and back position. So it's reasonable to assume that the position of the blades doesn't actually matter for the Stun Blades as well.

    Another point worth mentioning is the sheer articulation of the blades. This collapsable concept was derived from the Berserk Führer's weaponry. Not only can the blades move at 3 different points of articulation, but the blades themselves move independently. This means the blades can deploy forward and at the sides simultaneously.

- Concept Art

- The Origin of Liger Zero X

    The Liger Zero X came about from a fanart contest, the "Liger Zero Idea Contest" held by CoroCoro. This was the winning design, but there were over 35,000 entries to the contest, and 10 of them were featured in the magazine.

- Merchandise

Model Kits





    Yujin Gashapons, Volume 4

- Featured In Media

The Iron Bible vol. 00

    Liger Zero X appeared in one of the most iconic promotional videos of all time; The Iron Bible. In this feature the Liger switched to X CAS to meet the König Wolf head on in combat. While the wolf retreated, the X was faced with the Mad Thunder and forced to do the same. An alternate ending to this video featured the Liger Zero X preparing to fight the König Wolf, but the video ended before they actually made contact.

Zoids Web Comic

    The rivalry between the X and the König Wolf was carried into the Zoids Web Comic, in which the X is piloted by Maya, Bucks' rival. The wolf escaped by using the dischargers. Later on, while Maya was fighting the Republic's Snipe Liger and Slash Liger units, he returned with new equipment. They fought once more, but the battle was interrupted by a Dark Spiner, and in the end they worked together to defeat the large Zoid. Much thanks to the armorless Liger Zero ripping the sail from its back.

Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest

    A final comic featured the Zero X in a prominent role; Zoids Planet Zi: Galaxy Quest. In this manga, the X is piloted by a boy named Gou. Although he starts off with a fair amount of attitude, they work together to protect people from a gang using a Dark Spiner. While they defeat the Zoid, the X is ultimately sliced in half and defeated by a flyscissors.

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- Notable Variations

- Color Variations

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