- Liger Zero EM

Registration Number: EZ-054 (Lion Type)
Name: Liger Zero EM (Empire Specifications)
Japanese: ライガーゼロEM
Height: 8.3 m
Length: 24.0 m
Weight: 85.0 t
Speed: 307 km/h
* Stat Information: Based on Battle Story
Weapons: Equipment:
    AZ 108 mm High Density Beam Gun (Tail)
    AZ 208 mm 2 Barrel Shock Cannon x1 (Chest)
    Laser Fang (Mouth)
    Strike Laser Claw x4 (Paws)
    Downforce Stabilizer x2 (Sides)
    Ion Turbo Booster x2 (Back)

- Liger Zero EM Introduction

    Although the Liger Zero design was lost to the Republic, the Empire still retained the ability to create the Liger Zero EM. This Empire specification would serve as a base unit for the most technologically advanced CAS of its time; the Liger Zero X.

- Equipment Information

    Please see the basic Liger Zero article. The EM has all of the same equipment.

- Merchandise

Model Kits

    Model Kit: Liger Zero X (The EM armor is packaged with the X)
    Model Kit: HMM Liger Zero EM


    Zoids Battle Card Game: Volume 6 (Background of Lidier card)

- Featured In Media

    Book Media: Zoids Fan Book 4*

    Pamphlet Media: Fan Book Vol. 6.5*
    Pamphlet Media: Zoids Graphics Vol. 01*

    * Mentioned only in passing or box art.

- Notable Variations

- Changing Armor Systems

- Color Variations

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